FIFA 24 | NEW CONFIRMED TRANSFERS & RUMOURS! 🤪🔥 ft. Kane, De Gea, Caicedo… etc

FIFA 23 All New Confirmed Transfers & Rumours Summer 2023 – Football! ft. Kane, De Gea, Caicedo, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo!


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  1. Kane might win a trophy in less than 24 hours at Bayern since there’s the Supercup , thanks Harry Kane for leaving Spurs and going to club that can win some trophies

  2. If I were Bayern I wouldn't be so proud "look! I paid 120M for a 30year old player who has only played for an average club who had one year left in his contract and has like 3 decent seasons left!! Even more!! I'll pay him more than all my players who actually did something for us!!!"

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