FIFA 24 | NEW CONFIRMED TRANSFERS & RUMOURS! 🤪🔥 ft. Neymar, Paqueta, Maguire… etc

FIFA 23 All New Confirmed Transfers & Rumours Summer 2023 – Football! ft. Neymar, Paqueta, Maguire, Messi, Cristiano …


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  1. Paquetá to city would be amazing! Can see him becoming more defensively versatile like Bernardo is, so good replacement if he does decide to leave. Saw on sky sports that Paquetá wants the move, and city are interested but it’s West Ham who don’t want to sell him, so we’ll see what happens 🤞🏻

  2. Very sad to see a player like Ibanez young going to Saudi football.. I'm Brazilian and I saw him starting at Fluminense and I thought he would be a great defender, but he threw that away😢

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