Madden 24 Official Launch Trailer

Call Your Number like Josh Allen, Justin Jefferson, Micah Parsons, and Sauce Gardner do in Madden 24 with the ultimate control …


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  1. One of these things are just like the others, one of these things is exactly the same, BUST THEM PACKS and spend your money on a product that is exactly the same!

  2. ☆That's cool everyone focus has always been on the field..but just imagine like in hit man ppl in the stadium and sideline  walking around , cheerleaders seen in the  background,  mascots for each team, during the game being able to hit a button that saves big plays to be shown at halftime…imagine at least 10 instant replays instead of 2 😕, seeing a team getting blown out while fans being seen leaving their seats before the game is over😮…imagine real recorded sounds from fans cheering from each stadium = playing at home would sound way different when ur the visitor team… imagine all penalties in the NFL added to Madden, like taunting, to many men on the field that randomly happen every now and then that u can't control, perhaps even better 《challenge the play calls😉…》 random weather where it may start out cold and sunny but 3rd quarter snow coming down heavy, or rain 1st quarter but then starts coming down heavy around 2min warning in the 4th quarter…

    Also when players get hit hard they lay there for a few seconds with a chance of it being a light or serious injury… Come on EA   Yall making ALL the money!! Can we get different sports commentators for each game played during franchise,  like Sunday and monday night football? I mean show some love for gamers who pay attention and enjoy the small details in games 😏.😅

  3. EA sports I hope some other company makes another football game that’s better than urs, and I hope just like what happened to Elon musk with Twitter, people start deleting your game to install the better one, and then u and ur lazy devs can’t afford an indoor swimming pool at your houses. When that day comes, I will laugh at you. Bottom line: listen to ur audience for once and fix ur game

  4. I love Madden is it perfect no…. not by a long shot… I hope a lot of things were fixed this year and improved on as always but with that much money we shouldn't have to be hoping and wishing on stars for these games to be great.

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