Madden 24 Superstar Deep Dive

The Return of Superstar is here with The League and Showdown. Pre-order now: New features like the NFL …


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  1. Now let's just hope ea doesn't release an absolutely atrocious broken game….. oh wait it's ea which means another atrocious broken game. Don't buy at release. Wait at least a month to see how broken it is

  2. Y’all buy this game y’all crazy I’ve played this game ery yeah and last year showed me why to not give these lame Sony and easpprts game makers my money won’t get me I’m finna boycott this game

  3. Meh I'm a competitive gamer type. This looks cool for the little kids who like to play against the computer and stuff but I just wanna know what improvements to online franchise, h2h and the other online competitive modes

  4. I wish EA made two seperate NFL games…
    1. EA Sports NFL Superstar w these features and
    2. Madden 20XX so they could just focus on the gameplay itself…

    Watching this video is just so bogus and so much more manpower could go to the game like it used to when it was actually fun gameplay wise and not just visually appealing…😢

  5. Hey EA, the game is looking great. However there are some things I see that still could make it better. 1. Make the snow look more realistic on the field and not have it look so heavy on the field. 2. Add the record of your team when playing franchise mode into the scoreboard. 3. When a player fumbles the ball, make it so a scoop and score is able to be done instead of the play just stopping and being over. 4. Make the grass stain and turf damage to jersey look more realistic. 5. Better player introduction before the game starts and add announcers. Other than that, game is looking great. Thanks for reading. ITS MADDEN SEASON ONCE AGAIN.

  6. This seems exciting but it's extremely disappointing to see that you still can't play as a defensive or offensive lineman or even just a safety, plus unable to play as a kicker or punter which hasn't been in the game since the GameCube.

  7. this looks great but it really means nothing when the actual gameplay is still a complete broken mess and plays worse than a game from 2004. good step forward for the depth but the state that the gameplay is in is inexcusable going on 20 years since madden 05/nfl 2k5

  8. Me and my brother have been playing Co-op franchise for 11 years. it’s so inconvenient that I have to take off work to play at his house instead of just playing online together from our own homes. We would both rather spend our money on the game separately, then to travel more than 3 cities to play a game mode that’s super simple. Please Help

  9. I played safety in High School & it’s so unfair to not be able to choose that position in this superstar mode❗️we couldn’t pick Free or Strong Safety in Face of the Franchise either. I don’t know if that’s a harder position to include but PLEASE bring safety and edge rusher to superstar mode❗️

  10. I haven't bought madden since madden 16. I've realized how lazy they were and how they were getting over. I can now say Gentlemen that after 8 years!!!!! IM BUYING MADDEN AGAIN!!!🥳 It looks like from everyone stop buying they had to actually!! Work. It's a shame it came to this and it's not an honorable way to upgrade your game but Maddens back

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