The PERFECT GW1 Team According to 100 FPL Experts | Fantasy Premier League 2023/24

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  1. Last season Saliba had a better PPM than Gabriel due to bonus points. Does that challenge your reason of thought a bit? A good avenue to break away from the template a little.

  2. Appreciate the shout out Dan. Definitely been a few changes like Watkins, Gakpo and Maddison in.

    Still doing Liverpool Boys to Haaland in GW3 + a 7.5mish midfielder.

    Experts team looks strong though!

  3. Grealish 1% really surprised me highest chances created second half of last season as nailed on as a city could be and definitely could be a goal threat this is my differencial I think more nailed than foden and could get alot of assists with haaland up front

  4. I have put in Gvardiol as hes only 5m. I think he will be playing with Ruben most if not all games this season with Chillwell to come in. I feel nobody talking about him right now as he's only just been added to FPL. My team has a 98/100 thanks to your channel and really happy with it. Last year I played all wrong going for the big names and not for who gets points thanks to your channel I have learned more and feel I will get more points next season.

  5. Hey, Dan, great work man.
    Can you please volume up the background music a little bit. In this video I just miss the vibe from the last two seasons I've been following along

  6. I’m going template team but a 4.5m keeper – 2 x 4.0m defenders on the bench – and maddison for mitoma

    So template with a differential in madders

    What do you think

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