2022 Fantasy Football – MUST Start or Sit Week 4 Running Backs – Every Match Up!!!

2022 Fantasy Football – MUST Start or Sit Week 4 Running Backs – Every Match Up!!! 2022 Fantasy Football is here! With the NFL …


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  1. Just ughhhhhh …. Wanted to butt in here before Sunday officially started. ….. But ughhhhhh . Hahaha … I'm sorry. Shouldn't the Injury rating be subtracted from the total of the other 4 ratings lol ? Did I miss something. Y'all got CMC injury rating at 5, so if if you add that onto your total, than it's a good rating right lol ….. For sure it's wrong because the dude is questionable and is hurt all the time , so I mean a 5 score in that rating, would be a 16…. Correct?

    Man I can't believe your crew let you go through with this .

  2. Am in a real predicament w my Flex spot this week. It's down to Breece Hall, Garrett Wilson, Jeff Wilson & Miles Sanders. Now normally I'd say it's an easy start for Garrett Wilson or maybe even Breece Hall, but with another Wilson taking over for Flacco, it's the risk of the unknown. No idea how this guy is gonna play or divvy out the touches. Sanders has a not so great matchup, but he would probably be the safer bet. Same with Jeff Wilson, semi safe bet but a bad matchup. I really am at a loss of what to do here….

  3. 15:02 so true, ppl are so quick to discount a player if they have slow starts or don't produce to early projections (recency bias too); once you dive into the YPC and carry totals it always paints the full picture. I'm excited to see what Zeke does once Dak comes back and the Cowboys can take leads consistently into the 4th. If Zeke can stay efficient and healthy, he's in line for a great year… his second half schedule is cake and Cowboys defense is beast. – Niners fan

  4. homer is out. walker ran the wrong way on two plays last week so it's hard to imagine he's going to see an increase in carries. dj and walker will get a couple carries but i think penny will be solid this week.

  5. I have a 8 team league half ppr super flex, 3RB. I have Henry , Mixon, Fournette, Robinson, and CEH. Which three to play? Would you play a fourth RB as the flex over a 2nd QB ? (Cousins, stafford)

  6. I have Javonte and Chubb as my RB1 and 2 and I have jeff Wilson starting in my flex with breece on my bench. Not sure about starting jeff Wilson in the flex especially going against and tough rams team while breece hall looked great last week and going against a weaker Steelers team. So Jeff Wilson or breece hall in the flex?

  7. So I trade for njoku, drop him, re-aquire him from wire.. trade him back to the same guy! Lol

    Yep.. I traded saquan barkel, c edmonds, and njoku, FOR chubb and helaire! 😆 🤣 😂… I got Kareem hunt.. felt kinda bad when he actually accepted it.. but I'm starting to feel better about it 😆

  8. So my RBs are Mixon, Hunt Henderson, and now Khalil Herbert. I've been watching you guys and other fantasy football YouTubers to get opinions from different sources. My flex is amari Cooper and I'm wondering if I should bench Curtis Samuel, move Cooper to my WR2, and then put Hunt in my flex or keep it as it is

  9. Ugh…. I hate how bad Mixon has been so far. May be crazy, but I am really hesitant to even start him this week. Mixon's work has been declining each week too. And a little slow? The Bengals O line has been god awful.

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