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  1. I know you guys have busy schedules but you need to do videos after game days speakin about the matches or just speak about anything because you guys are amazing to listen to and absolutely hilarious

  2. People make me laugh 🤣
    Liverpool were poor last season they lost their wall of a midfield and replaced em with IMO opinion 2 average attack minded midfielders teams will walk through it with ease. Their defence gets worse everytime they step on the pitch and their attavk is changed to often for em to get any sort of cohesion but theyre gonna challenge for the title.
    Man utd finished 3rd and have replaced an ageing mistake riddled De Gea with a world class goal keeper got mount in to take eriksens place lets be honest eriksen was fucked after 1 half class player but couldnt even last 60 minutes. And brought in an actual striker replacing the statue wout weghorst but we will only just make top 4 and im some eyes not even make top 4 😂😂😂😂😂
    Love it man 😂

  3. In terms of united transfer business its as much about value for money and how the players fit into the team as spending 200m on 4-5 players providing the team with depth in key positions is better than spending 120m+ on one player for the first team

  4. Cant see how anyone thinks anybody but citys wins the league only downfall for them i think is mahrez and gundogen are better and more impactful than the players they brought in.
    Would love to say united challenge but i think 3rd or 4th looks aboit realistic for us

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