FPL NOOB VS PRO?! | Expert Tips and Strategy Comparison for Fantasy Premier League 2023/24 GW1

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  1. Casual: Goes for Haaland because of his record last season and because everyone has him, not thinking about Gundogan and Mahrez leaving City in addition to Haaland likely playing not more than 60 mins. per game 🚶🏻‍♂️
    Pro: Goes for Kane who bagged 30 goals in mid Spurs side last season, will play full 100 mins. per game, and has Maddison to partner on goals & assists 🗿

    Good luck, everyone.

  2. I wouldn't class Kane as a "risk" or a gamble (besides his possible departure) easily one of most consistent and high scoring players. And in the hardest league in the world. Literally and in FPL. 9points off Haaland. 2nd highest scoring player in FPL and doing all that in the the team he's in. He's more or less carried that club on his back for the last 5years.

    Well and truely underrated in my opinion. Especially with all the praise, for the likes of Haaland, Mbappe, Benzema, Lewa (not even going to attempt soelling that) who he is easily on parr with. Most of them plsying for the very top club or clubs in their respective leagues

  3. i've played fpl a long time finished top 100k multiple times and i disagree on multiple points

    The leaving no money itb last years winner actually had £0 in the bank in his gwk 1 team i know this because I took screenshots of his team and have them saved to see what I can learn from him.

    I also disagree on the rotating gk 's thing as long as you don't spend above 9 million so many times I have just picked 1 gk and that 1 playing gk has ended up being injured/ got suspended however if you have a second option its not an issue as we all hate making a transfer for a gk

  4. I think if you are tripled up on Arsenal, City, Brighton, Liverpool etc (teams with high rotation risk), then you should always have a quality/starting player as your first sub.

  5. I’ll be honest, I follow all these rules except I’m extremely biased to Chelsea so my seasons pretty much depend on their season. If it weren’t for Liverpool playing Chelsea gw1 I’d probably try to squeez Trent and salah in. As you can imagine I didn’t do to well last year

  6. This is my first season playing fpl. I'm confused as to why I can't have Estupinian, Tarkowski, Udogie, Gabriel and Chilwell with 1M left in the bank.

  7. Probably edge on the pro side 8-7 or 9-6 with a couple of categories I am mixed on (as follows).

    I use my chips quite patiently in double/blank game weeks but usually am too premature with my Wild Card picks. Leading to a few too many -4 hits.

    I am a Liverpool fan (like most people at the start of last season I had 3 players but for chunks of the season I had 0 or 1. I will not though ever consider putting in my team anyone who plays for Manchester United.

  8. Don't rely too much on fpl hub to the point everyone's teams look the same and you become ai. Oh, my team has 98% therefore it must be perfect. You know what, theyre only predicted points based mainly on last season. Based on previous seasons you would put Leicester in top 8 when they got relegated.

  9. Another great video Dan, not only informative but also entertaining! Can't agree more with the tips. Personally being stubborn hurt me badly last season. Firstly I kept Neto way too long, then I was fixed on having a Liverpool defender in the team (Trent or Robbo) and lately I got Nketiah who looked good on paper, but never scored me any decent points. Hope to be more flexible this season!

  10. Can't say I 100% agree witb the GK transfer tip. Like last year when a lot of people had 2 transfers and were struggling to find someone to switch out, people who brought in Pope actually did very well. Although it is true that keepers generally have the lowest ceiling

  11. I was definitely guilty of picking last year's best team as my starting 11 and having too many good bench players.
    Nowadays I think I'm guilty of following the ai more than my own instincts and being over influenced by YouTubers.
    There's a middle ground in all these things !

  12. I strongly disagree with the 'avoid taking hits' tip. It only doesn't work out for most people because they are short sighted, and do it for the week at hand. I take hits most weeks and almost always benefit. That being said, it has taken several years to perfect the method lool.

    Also: Pascal Gross is King!

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