Both sides reduced to ten men as the defending champions battle long and hard but fail to avoid a third consecutive no-score …


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  1. How can VAR tell the red to look and when he can clearly see contact in the box, waive away the pen. The ref was awful but the lads from Masia done very well

  2. Que vergüenza el robo que a sufrido el barça. A Damián Suárez lo tenían qué haber expulsado en la primera parte, y como quieren que gavi quite la mano si le están haciendo falta

  3. El 22 del Getafe jugó rojo a la mitad del 1er tiempo, de lo contrario cómo el juez, que fue llamado al VAR, le vino la mano a Gavi para no dar un penalti descalificado hasta el final de su carrera…

  4. I’m shocked of how bad we performed in that match Raphinha getting a red was deserved and Lamine Yamal was carrying the time y’all have to start him ngl.
    Ignore Time I was gonna put team.
    Forca Barca 💙❤️

  5. La Liga of Tebas is a shame.
    Clearly a pen at the end, the referee was garbage all the game.
    Tebas is against barcelona, we cannot have ONE penalty just like last year.
    All the game getafe "players" comitt anti game fouls, that need to stop and they are waste time whenever they can.
    La Liga is garbage trust me iv been watching Chelsea Liverpool yesterday and you can see a good referee that know when to whistle and knows how to controll his game.

  6. if you play football you will know , ref also can give us either good or bad emotion on field , i didnt blame ref for 100% but you can see how he manage the game so yeah .

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