NEW SEASON | Part 24 | Holiday Holme FM23 | Football Manager 2023

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  1. Just because you wanted the criticism then Sevilla is down in south Spain. It's about 200km from the Moroccan border, but if it's way up north then it's about 1,000 km from the border.

    But really well done with the rebuild and the first two games

    And most goals I've had with 1 player in a season is 57 in 44 with 3 sub appearances. I hope that Kevin (Costner) can do that for you this season

  2. Lower leagues often don't have set squad numbers for players so I suspect that's why you have to do it each game. Numbers in match day squads only go up to a certain number.

  3. What a video!! 👏👏…………I think you were just taking the p**s out of everyone before this season!…….”let’s get half decent players in and then bamboozle them next season” 😂😂

  4. Kev didn’t explain it last ep, I googled it and can see a FM content creator called Si Maggio… what’s the story anyone please? Is it the same person or is there a story behind it, couldn’t find the answer online. Thank you in advance 😊

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