Preseason Power-Up + Position Battles, Rankings Risers | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1436

Preseason kicks off tonight! Biggest preseason storylines and things to watch for on today’s fantasy football podcast!


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  1. Amazing podcast guys! You can tell the work that the ballers put into every show and the fun they have doing it. I've played fantasy for only 4 years but with the ballers knowledge and know how I won my first championship last year and been in playoffs every year thanks to the fantasy footballers🎉 I watch every podcast as soon as I can not only for hints and tricks but the 💯% entertainment the podcast brings. Keep up the the fantastic work and fun Ballers🤘

  2. These dudes give us free content all offseason to prepare for our drafts. Even if you don’t use it spend the 30$ on the udk to support the brand. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  3. Am I miss remembering? I thought at the beginning of the year Swift was amazing when he got the ball. Constantly battling injuries. Got injured maybe week 4 or so, then seemed like he was in the dog house after he got better?

  4. On Trey Lance….. Is he so far one of the biggest busts in recent years? The haul the Niners gave up to draft him has unequivocally NOT been worth it. At least Jamarcus Russel started more then 2 games

  5. As a Lions fan, been watching every single piece of camp that I can. Gibbs is getting heavy work in the RZ. He's objectively better than Swift. D Mont is objectively better than Williams. This backfield is most likely going to produce the most fantasy points yet again in 2023. You want both of these guys

  6. Help! I’m in a 12 man superflex league that uses 2 QBs. I have the second pick. Do I go with Justin Jefferson and then hope I can get a QB in round 2 in the Dak, Anthony Richardson, Cousins range or do I draft Hurts or Mahommes in round 1 and hope I get like a Garrett Wilson in round 2? What is more advantageous to do?

  7. I know it's difficult to discuss a keeper draft due to the randomness of the league. In a vacuum, my choice is between Kupp and Ekeler as my 1st pick. Who should I pair with Olave(keeper rd 11)?

  8. My one dream is for Jason to drink a big glass of water every morning before recording the show, so he doesn’t have to clear his throat all the time. Hydrate, buddy! Hydrate!! 😉😂

  9. Jason I’ve made a few trades in my dynasty league that I believe you would love. After our rookie draft we have to cut players to keep all of the rookies that we drafted. What I did instead of cutting anyone I traded them for picks. I now have 4 first round and 3 second round picks in 2024 and 2 second round picks in 2025. No one in my league did this or notice what I did. LOL I feel listening to you all on the podcast has taught me a lot. Thanks for everything.

  10. I'm not confident Kirk is worse than Ridley. I think they are the same. Ridley has a lot of rust and mental problems. He could be great or a bust. Lawrence never worked with him, he's comfortable with Kirk. I'm drafting him ahead of Ridley, but neither high.

  11. dude is starting to annoy me with the Raven slander. starting to sound like my girl with the way he sounds sassy and snarky. or a girl. other than that love the show. Also it is very possible that Bateman or dobbins are league winners. Bateman could be a high wr2 if not a low one and he is going in the ninth or tenth round and dobbins could be a top five back this year easily. a full year fully healthy in a offense that is not only going to give him more carries but is also intentionally and systematically giving more targets to the rb in the pass game. This dude has already proven he is an elite runner when healthy, leading the enitre NFL in yards per carry since cooming into the league including last year when he was running on basically one leg. zay flowers could be a guy too. one of em are going to hit maybe two. imagine grabbing dobbins in the sixth and bateman in the tenth and they both hit. DOBBINS TO THE MOON

  12. In an 8 team ppr casual redraft league do y’all think Chubb would be there at the 2-3 turn after taking jj first? If not what would be the best strat there?

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