Top 10 Running Backs + Late Round Steals | Fantasy Football 2023 – Ep. 1434

Top 10 RB Rankings and draft sleepers! On today’s fantasy football podcast, a number of players that can be true difference …


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  1. Um, yeah, Rhamondre, whatever comments section; more importantly there is a youtube channel that has a history of the show and they discuss when the main guy from Rockapella GOT HIS PONY TAIL CUT OFF ON THE AIR… well worth your time.

  2. There's gotta be worries with CMC… the 49ers have had a bad track record with running back injuries (and injuries, in general)… mix that with CMC's own injury history, there's definitely gotta be some risk there

  3. Having Deja Vu seeing Jason get excited for Robinson gives me flashback of all the RBs Jason hyped up during preseason and stunk. Was a Detroit RB last time I think.

  4. I guess I'm confused on the whole Kareem Hunt deal. I saw a report just after this episode that said he was leaving New Orleans without a deal, and that he was visiting the colts.

  5. I find it funny that all the off season talk has been about Tank Bigsby, when D'Ernest Johnson has been just as good in camp and has proven to be a very capable player when given touches in games. DJ will get the backup role before the rookie.

  6. Good day. 10 team .5 PPR 2 keeper league with 16 draft spots – I am between keeping 2 of these 3 :
    Calvin Ridley – Round 7 – High upside
    Khalil Herbert – Round 13 – late round steal
    Brian Robinson Jr – Round 14 late round steal

  7. Question my draft is in like 2 weeks. It’s a dynasty league 1Qb and qbs get bonuses for 40yard+completions and another if it’s a TD for a total of 5 points. I got the 106. I’m struggling if I should be taking josh Allen? Or take lamb or chase, if he drops to me. Also it’s a prize league if that makes a difference lol. Love the show guys. Always watching

  8. @TheFantasyFootballers Hey guys big fan of the show. Was wondering if we could get a Superflex Mock Draft with you guys and all of the ducers to add in as much human element as possible. You guys typically only talk briefly on strategies for this type of draft so I think it would be SUPER helpful to see them play out in real time. Thanks

  9. Just a heads up Mike. Swift reportedly has been the most impressive rb in camp and has been getting the bulk of the first team reps. Penny could literally be a cut if Trey Sermon keeps playing well in camp. Probably not but regardless Swift seems like he’s the guy so far

  10. Respectfully can we fix the camera angles of Mike's iso and the sweep? Mike needs a little headroom and the sweep is crooked.

    Love the show just yhose two things are driving me crazy.

  11. the thing with Jacobs is that he is a fluke in the sense that he is unlikely to reproduce that season, and that is almost where he is being drafted at even while threatening not to play. In years past, The Trio has often mentioned the reproducibility of a players former season. IE, can CMC do it again? can Cooper Kupp do it again? etc etc.

    Is Josh Jacobs an amazing RB? Yes, of course. Can he do it again? Probably not. It's his best season to date, by a long shot. Now we're supposed to beleive he can just reproduce it back to back? Things rarely work out this way, we rarely see anyone repeat as the best at their position two years in a row and Jacobs has a career of being in the top 15-10 range.

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