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  1. I’m fan of neither, but what sense does the community shield make when one team wins the two competitions that should supply the finalist? Plus when they go on to win the CL, they have proven they are by far the champions so why have to play second best, I’d just hand them the Comm Shield also.

  2. Half the highlights were replays of the city goal!? Not a single replay, or other angle from a pen like viera took, stuck in top bins and no replay. Whose the city fan then 😂😂

  3. Every time MC losses community Shield 🛡 they r like we didn’t know there is trophy 🏆 at stake we thought it is pre season practice match😂 but Pep’s celebration of goal tells different story😜that they give it all and it’s not a friendly at all

  4. Man city need to bring haaland into play I bet this season it won't be like that where he just sits back and others feed him goals he needs to be more involved in the game.

  5. Man city need more recruits Badly needs a player to replace. Mahrez too bad Ake wasn't fit otherwise it would have been a different result Ake would have dealt with Saka much better then akanji.

  6. We've really improved although it took Trossard t rescue us cos 6mths previous we cudda been 4-1down in open play by mid 2nd half. I think we've really tightened up at the back an both young Timber-land an Sali(tha)ba r a 'godsend'; so glad we've managed t tie the latter down t a new contract aswell as White l hope.

  7. Whoever thinks the bias against Arsenal ain't real must have come from another planet; example as plain as day…
    ITV Commentary B4 Match; If Manchester City win today they'll have cleaned up 7 TROPHIES within 6mths.
    Same Commentor Post Match; Well the SHIELD might not mean very much in the grand scale of things but try telling THEM (Arsenal) that cos it means alot t them.
    So f Richy it was considered another TROPHY but f Arsenal it is nowt but a irrelevant SHIELD.
    C, bias.

  8. I first remember seeing Arsenal bumper stickers in Las Vegas, as a kid. Thought they were in support of the local AK manufacturer. Nope, just sports-thing.
    I still think of Arsenal Inc. Las Vegas, NV, USA every time I see the Arsenal logo.

  9. Man City will struggle this season, they spent all match passing to that ridiculous goalkeeper, there were more back passes than I have ever seen in a game of football. Haaland is way off the pace from last season and Arsenal looked the better team by far.

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