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  1. Michigan will put 50 up on this team. Your O Line will get pushed around all day. Btw, Corum and Edwards are much better then anyone on your roster. Notre Lame probably beats this soft Suckeye team

  2. Tim is Tim and he's been so good for so long. Really impressed with Tyvis' passion and ability to communicate. OSU keeps producing these outstanding college football analysts! He will do great at BTN.

  3. Lol at OSU having best running back room in the country. Not even best in their own division. Michigan had the Heisman candidate until he got hurt and yall saw what the “other” guy can do up close. Buckeyes gonna Buckeye I guess. 😂

  4. No doubt OSU has the skilled players and it seems that's what this group is infatuated with. The best running back room is Michigan that's not debatable. The best wide receiver room OSU not debatable. The best line of scrimmage is either Alabama, Georgia or Michigan, OSU is not in that conversation.

  5. One thing to remember guys, in the two Michigan games the last two years the offense scored 27 and 23 points respectively. That's not going to win this year's game, just sayin.

  6. The arrogance one must have to not even discuss the Michigan game.
    I would blast any Michigan media outlet if they did the same.

    It's the biggest game of the year in college football it should be embraced by both sides at all times.

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