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  1. झुत बात गर्ता तु. नेपाल जित जायगा भारतका नेपाल तु लोगका बाब हे भेजामा घुसाके राक. नेपाल गोर्खाली हे कोइसे नै दर्ता। नेपाल जायगा सेमिफाइनल भेजामा घुसाके राख तु लोग।नेपाल हाइ हाइ🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵

  2. I don't think India though they face difficult cause India team was soo strong but our team Nepal was now very weak cause every perfosinal player went aboard country for there good future 😢😢😢

  3. India under Igor Stimac has wasted it’s 4 years of precious time. It’s 2023 and we still access threat from teams like Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc , we are kind of wasted. It looks like a forever story for our football team.

  4. this saff me india ka kya hoga? kuch south india and bangal se fan hote hai oh bhi football dekhna chhod denge. lagta hai kuwait, lebanon, maldives and nepal semifinal khelenge.

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