EA SPORTS FC 24 Official Beta Gameplay, NEW Leagues, Stadiums & CONFIRMED NEWS ✅

Everything you need to know about EA SPORTS FC 24 latest updates, featuring the official FC 24 Closed Beta release on PS5, …


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  2. In reality it's more possible to see UFO than watching Greek league in FIFA games. I support OFI CRETE and on Saturday we played a friendly match against FIORENTINA and the match ended 1-1. I don't understand why FIFA ignores Greek league

  3. I bet the Keuken Kampioen Divisie (dutch second division) will be added too, it feels so weird to play a dutch league and not see teams relegate and new teams get added.. it also destroys the KNVB Beker due to it featuring division 2 and eredivisie teams.

  4. Quero Liga Méxicano e Liga Canadense e Clubes de Concacaf.
    Ligas e Copas de Clubes: Uruguai, Bolívia, Equador, Colômbia, Venezuela, Paraguai, Peru, Chile, Brasil e Argentina.
    Ligas e Copas: Gana, Egito, Senegral, Nigéria, Togo e Africa do Sul.
    Clubes de África.
    Liga Dos Campeões da Concacaf
    Ligas da Copa
    Copa dos Campeões da Concacaf
    SuperCopa do Concacaf
    Liga Campeões da África
    Copa dos Campeões da África
    Supercopa da África
    Liga dos Campeões da Oceania
    Copa dos Campeões da Oceania
    Supercopa da Oceania
    Sul Americana
    Superliga das Américas: Concacaf x Conmebol.
    Novos Seleções:
    10 Conmebol
    8 Concacaf com 3 Liga: A,B e C.
    16 África.
    Novos 2 Seleções de Oceania: Japão. Coreia do Norte.

  5. You people wana add stupid l leagues but can't add Brazilian League there no more fifa to ask for permission n liscense … Most of the talents come from that league bt u guys cnt even add it , or as extras in other leagues such as santos and the famous Brazilian clubs we have to create players every time 😊

  6. Please, please, please let the Vanarama National be in the game. After all, wasn't it supposed to have been on FIFA 23? And why stop with the Vanarama National – what about the Vanarama North and South divisions as well?
    I also want to see SPFL Championship, and Leagues 1 and 2. K League 2 looks fun, but I like to see J League back.

  7. Porque en todo lo que han mostrado de fc24 solo muestran a los jugadores haciendo goles desde cualquier parte del campo de juego y parece que he visto una o dos atajadas de los guardametas todavia no sabemos como van a funcionar los guardametas si van a tener jugabilidad nueva o van estar de igual como en fifa23 a los porteros no han mostrado casi nada por no decir nada

  8. Thought Celtic Park will be available at release. On EA Website they mentioned 115 Stadiums. So, I think there may only be 2 new German (Bochum, Fürth), 3 Spanish (Barcelona, Elche, maybe updated Stadium from Levante) and Almeria, 2 Italian (Bologna, Firenze), 2 Scottish (Celtic and Rangers) and 1 English (Luton). 2 new Women's Stadiums (Wolfsburg, Madrid). More Stadiums very welcome. I would like to see Parken and Brøndby from Denmark, José Alvalade from Sporting, Karaiskakis and Toumba (Greece), 3 Stadiums from Istanbul, Basel Bern from Switzerland, Salzburg and Vienna from Austria, some more from Argentina, more French Stadiums, Prague, Rotterdam, Brugge, think that would be awesome.

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