Man United ● Beautiful Build-up & Passing Moves❤️‍🔥| 2023/24 Pre-Season

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  1. The results during pre – season certainly werent great, but the build up play, passing it out from the back and the movement in the final third were definitely on display. Its also great that each player is quite dynamic and can play multiple positions and interchange with his teamates

  2. The only thing we need is a finisher. Last season, we have Rashford, Sancho and Martial but Rashford is more promising. And maybe this season we will have Sancho, Rashford, Hojlund or maybe Greenwood and Martial . Sancho need to polish more his finishing because he has that ability as forward.

  3. Excellent compilation !

    To be fair, many of these are dynamic passing play, meaning they can be forward or backward, and involves moving of the players. This is seldom seen in Ole era but in ETH 1st season it is seen, and now ETH 2nd season it is better.

    Now by involving Onana in the distribution phase, MU back line build up has gotten more options, it can be short, mid, long range passes. When combined with adequate team training. MU can tear down defenses.

  4. I've been a fan of United since 97 and this era is the saddest period of United I've ever seen. Not because of the lack of trophies, it's how delusional and divided the team as well as the fanbase are. The fact that fans celebrate this video says it all, this stuff is basic football, and above all, not efficient at all.
    Also, it's horrifying seeing United fans bragging about stats such as how fast Rashford can run, how many chances Bruno creates. For fuck sake, United have been playing pace merchant counter attack football since Ole's day, that's why those stats are always gonna be impressive. All Bruno does is hitting long balls to whomever pace merchants he can find and that counts as a created chance 😂

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