My Man Utd Premier League Predictions… (2023/24 Title Preview)

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  1. Please make a video of what went wrong in that Man U Wolves match. It was bad. Your analysis on Mount was accurate. Trying to study it insead of being so disappointed.

  2. Also I'm not sure if yesterday was a one off but that game was making me think that we blamed De Gea too much for poor the distribution.

    Onana had a total pass completion of 68.4% agaisnt Wolves. With 11 long passes attempted and 3 long passes connecting… Or a 27.3% pass success going long. A long pass success of 53%+ is generally considered really good. A long pass success of 60%+ is considered world class distribution.

    There was quite a few times agaisnt Wolves were Onana looked visibly fed up with the lack of movement from our midfield and our wingers for not showing for the ball or giving Onana the option to counter.

    Genuine question did our outfield players make DDG distribution worse than it was? Will Onana distribution numbers continue drop?

  3. If we persist on self-sabotaging ourselves by playing Rashford striker and a trio of Casemiro, Bruno and Mount. It will be a struggle to get 5th this season.

  4. After today’s game we need a CB, CDM and backup ST. Our midfield got run through by wolves can’t imagine what Liverpool would of done to us with all there forwards.

  5. At present we won't make top 4, still more improvement of squad depth is necessary cos we're not in a position to seriously challenge for the league & champions league this season with those recruits so until EtH signs the necessary players to seriously challenge compared to the oppositions. We need as least 6 more 2CB, DM, 2CM & 10!

  6. We expect to be challenging Man City & others for the league & champions league Next season as long as EtH bring in the necessary players to give us the squad depth to deal with a 65+ game season!

  7. If we are Serious about Winning Trophies & being the Best then Sell 'The Terrible Twins', Maguire & Lindelof for £35M each & replaced them with Edmond Tapsoba 24 6ft4" for 50M & Jean Claire Todibo 6ft3" for 30M. That would be Excellent Business!

  8. Let’s not get carried away. Let’s just support our team, trust the plan of ETH, get rid of the Glazers and good things will come. We should be able to compete and have a good showing in all competitions. #GGMU

  9. I'd want nothing more than for united to win the league for the first time in a long time but I don't see that happening this season. Maybe a top 2 or top 3 finish.
    I'd say, if we sign onana/amrabat and todibo and hopefully bring greenwood back to play as a striker alongside hojlund and mainoo and mejbri performing well, then maybe… just maybe the 2024/25 season we could win the league.

  10. 2nd is too bold since we don't have amrabat and todibo yet. Plus arsenal was like 3/4 wins ahead of us last season and now they've improved depth defensively which is the difference of their major loss to everton. Our issue is goals and build up, we have essentially solved the build up issue but goals is marginally better unless hojlund is a monster, mount gives his 21/22 production and martial is not injured 24/7 (all not showing evidence of that yet).Then, saying saka and martinelli slight drop off doesn't have much ground either, if anything, martinelli could even be better cause he's shown to be raw but still produce.

    In short its not impossible to get 2nd, we look pretty good to get it this season but we are relying on more 'ifs' than arsenal which is my worry.

  11. I don't think United can win the league. If you look at last season, we were a bit fortunate to finish where we did. Won a lot of games on the margins, 13 wins by the odd goal. I don't think we dominate games enough to change that around to putting teams to the sword and we although we've brought in Hojlund who I like, think he will take time to settle and he's injured anyway at the moment so United haven't massively added more goals. Rashford got 18, can he get more? Maybe but I'm not sure, he would have to play up front more, probably won't. Take last seasons expected points, around 67 that puts our track position around 5th, 6th for performances. We need to improve realistically just to cement a top 4 place again. That's my thoughts. Onana adds a different dimension but in general we had a good defensive record last season so I don't see that improving a lot. We'll have more control but the midfield just doesn't have that controller in there. Casemiro & Bruno are great but we give the ball away a lot! I think an overall improvement from United but that to me will only keep us in the top 4, 3rd or 4th. You've got to think Chelsea will be better under Poch, Brighton are still so good, Villa with a full season under Emery and Liverpool not sure what will happen with them. City are still top dogs, Arsenal 2nd best comfortably.

  12. If Greenwood wasn't included on the pre-season tour, is it likely he would be with the club this season?

    Does Mount fix what was weak with the team?🤔

  13. My prediction having watched the preseason and the firat week is that the top 9 will be divided in three groups, arsenal, city and united will fight for the top 3 spots, chelsea,liverpool and newcastle for 3 to 6, spurs, brighton and aston villa for 6 to 9, westham could push up this last group and brentford will end 10th or 11th

  14. this have been the strongest and well-balanced squad united have. squad depth is good aswell. maybe need one more good defender at the level of varane/martinez as backup

  15. Second is a reasonable prediction but I don’t think we can win the title this season. I don’t think we’re glued into TH system enough for that yet and we’ll definitely still be carrying deadwood this season thanks to the Glazers.

    So our squad isn’t really on the level to compete with City yet.

  16. No. But I am confident to get 3-5th where we will still be in UCL.

    We need either 2 more CBs or 1 CB and 1 LB with Shaw as a risky long term replacement for Varane.

    We still are 1/2 strikers short up front (depending on greenwood)

    Still need to get rid of
    1) Lindelof
    2) Maguire?
    3) Bailly?
    4) Fred
    5) DvB
    6) Williams 😢

    To me, this season is also the last chance saloon for Sancho and even Malacia.

  17. I think in January We will go into the market for yet another striker. Liverpool lost leaders, which is way worse than losing legs in midfield. I expect them to lose way more games at home.

  18. We need to start with 3 or 4 wins in a row to believe we can challenge for title …..I think we l have poor goal scoring season without experienced striker like last season ….Hojlund is just a youngster he l score 10 goals max and 5 assists max ….I genuinely feel we l finish 3rd or 4th ….I’ll be happy we sign a senior striker on loan like Ibra or Cavani for 1 year!!

  19. United will struggle this season because
    (1) The manager is still hamstrung by having the Glazers as club owners. If they had sold to Qatar we would have had a much better chance of competing.
    (2) We have the most incompetent board in the Premier League. The Greenwood saga is a fiasco. He could have been fighting fit for the new season if they hadn't stupidly suspended him despite not having been proven guilty. Now if he comes back it will take him the guts of a season to get match fit. Totally avoidable.

    With our massive support we should be blowing all other clubs out of the water. Instead we're the laughing stock of football.

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