The Kick Off’s 2023/24 Premier League Predictions!

The lads on The Kick Off debate whether or not Arsenal will reach top four this season. Business Email : …


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  1. arsenal are not liverpool 19/20 and we are not liverpoool after the suarez season. we are so well structured and top to bottom we are very competent, we willl be back there or there abouts this season and for the next few seasons. the irish guy really fucks me off btw

  2. "when maxi is on his day he's world class…" the problem is, you can count on one hand how many times maxi will have 'his' day. In fact, I'm convinced it's not even 'his' day, seems to me like a loan.

    Barnes is a much better footballer than maxi, and our game against Villa proved that Maxi was no longer needed.

  3. Craig being the voice of reason regarding Arsenal, was DEFINITLY not something I expected to see in this vid 🤣 nah respect Craig. Top ball knowledge

  4. I’m an Arsenal fan, but how many times have we seen a club have a mad transfer window and not succeed? Spending big doesn’t mean trophies, we still have work to do.

  5. So happy to hear a Newcastle fan say how it is
    Barnes is not a bad player
    But to replace him for maxi is disgraceful especially now we are in the champions league

  6. Arsenal fans need to pipe down man not gonan win title won’t get past quarter finals in ucl, they can’t do it when it comes to crunch they crumble and with Havertz your at a disadvantage

  7. He has a point about Man City going in half hearted. They literally matched Arsenal's offers that had already rejected, albeit with better payment structure. I don't think Man City were serious about Rice just like they did the same with Maguire.

  8. Calling Chelsea not a giant after 1 bad season is nuts …
    The last drop down the league to 10th resulted in winning the league the following season. Now that i doubt, but to call them not a giant… Na

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