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  1. Nah, give group 5 its own playoffs. Give recruitment money to power 5 group 5 and fcs. Power 5 gets $3m group 5 gets $1.5m and fcs gets $500k division champs for each conference get in. Make conference play matter.

  2. Recruiting and financing doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a awesome idea but those teams would end up like vandy and bounced every year. Gives the SEC another can to crush each year.

  3. The problem is what about other sports? You can’t just move the other sports around based on their football program and the same school can’t play in different conferences for different sports it just doesn’t work

  4. Sounds cool but the world doesn't revolve around football. As long as the school is still getting big money for research funding they wouldn't want things to change

  5. But think what that would do for recruiting people would be so scared to commit to a school because you could be an A BS conference the very next year… And for people who ain't going to a top-25 school who just want to go to a power conference like the SEC and play for Vanderbilt or someone like that just to say they were in a big conference because that matters a lot to the NFL… anyone in the SEC looks a lot better than ANYONE from the Sun belt right….But with the chances of switching whole conferences each year people would not be able to commit to them lower-powered teams in big conferences and it would be devastating to some schools…..right??? Tell me what y'all think in the comments…. PEACE!!!

  6. In order for this to work, you'd have to take the worst power 5 team across ALL sports and put them against the best from the group of 5 in all sports. Not to mention, not all schools have the same sports.

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