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  1. Doesn’t like the game play now.
    Doesn’t like the enhanced in depth feel to career mode
    Too complicated
    Gets boring quickly
    Simon is literally the toughest critic on fifa man. 😂 didn’t disappoint me Simon

  2. People : "we want more, the game is boring", "it's too much", "it's too easy", "it's too complicated " we've been spoonfed way too much and we just can't appreciate how much we've been given

  3. The Ls in that chat are annoying me so much. The main purpose of the game is just to kick about a ball and get it in the net. Should be grateful they even add other features. Spoiled

  4. I hate the Fifa community all i saw in the chat was:
    No one will play it
    Its not even gonna be like this
    No one will play it
    These are the same people that will spend 100 odd pounds on the ultimate edition.
    And as for people who care about a lot of information simply Grow up! Not everything is just clicking the buttons and the game plays for you

  5. How is it too complicated 😂. People are so lazy man. If it’s simple then it’s gonna be even more repetitive and boring. Simon honestly just isn’t a career mode person. A lot of people are just online and Ultimate team players. That’s why they can’t appreciate EA’s effort to make career mode better

  6. This community pisses me off you all complain for years about nothing new

    And now there is many many many new features you all complain it’s too confusing just get a grip and learn it
    Really isn’t that hard

  7. Every year people moan about the game being the same every year.

    Then they add more stuff and people are like “Too many words! This is too complicated! 🤪”

    Man shut your goofy asses up and be thankful we have more stuff to do in the game.

  8. So in other words it's more scripted than ever if in game it's just gonna duplicate what you did in training, also it's more complicated than ever which is the total wrong direction for manager mode! Massive L

  9. I hate how simon in every video he reacts to is so negative and always looking to criticize anything or anyone that he watches, never seen him positive EVER

  10. Why react to something when all you're going to do is hate for no reason and then say "I'm gonna sound like a hater". Yes you do. Because that's what you're doing. Clearly the community has been asking for these changes. It's not your niche. It's not my niche. But it is cool to see them add stuff. Or do you advocate for no changes?

  11. simons chat is the definition of tiktok brain x100. not a single one of these kids plays anything besides ultimate team and probably started playing fifa 3/4 years ago max. meanwhile players that actually enjoyer manager mode want these features at a minimum if not more

  12. as someone who plays MM all the time, these are cool changes. The community has been asking for a way to spectate the match without having to play for a really long time. That's why they added the simulation a few years ago and that's why they're adding the manager cam now. They're okay and I will pretty much never complain about a new feature. The coaches being in the game have the potential to be game changing. I'd love more things to do as long as they don't feel like chores.

  13. It might be complicated at the beginning, but imagine when you get into manager career. For us who needs to buy fm every year cus fifa is too easy is finally getting a new world in EA FC. And if you think this years manager career is complicated, trust me, dont play fm lol.

  14. It's improved for sure but not by much. Wish they would actually give Career Mode some love so it doesn't feel so limited and gets boring quickly.

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