0 IQ Moments in Women’s Football

In this Videos you will see Comedy moments, own goals and epic fails in Women’s Football. All from Alisha Lehman ,Sam Kerr …


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  1. I'm glad that women's football exists, but I don't like when they say „You like to laugh, but afraid to play with us”
    I've seen a couple great moves and shots, but come on, you know what I mean. Everybody's surprised when it happens.

  2. So you're saying that womens football is rigged. Which means that the champion trainer who reached the final twice is also fake. Could be, just to put the women football in the spotlights.

  3. They should have a Universe Cup. The wins of womens and mens world cup face each other. If everything people say (n.b you know who I mean), then it will be a good even match.

  4. You do realize that we don't get taught to play like boys do and no one encourages us to play at a young age. This is how men would play if they'd get pushed away from playing with the other kids or if there would be no clubs for them to play and train at.

  5. The problem is pushing women in what they are not good at. Show me 15 man who can manage 3 kids under 5 for more than few hours. Girls can (or could) do it with ease.

  6. We should rename the women's soccer team to Friday night flopping women's soccer. The funny compilation TV series about an average women's soccer game. That way they can get more people to watch them and earn more money. Female athletes can stop winging about equal pay and no more lawsuits for the hosts of the soccer games. It's literally a win-win

  7. Goalies are still the biggest weakness of women football. They're just way too small for these big goals. Also you kinda need balls to face all these balls if you know what I mean. lol

  8. I find the lack of coordination that some female football players have absolutely amazing. I have watched a few games and the standard was so low that to be honest at times it felt like the women I was watching didn't even know what sport they were actually playing.

  9. I think they should replace the goals with a giant dishwasher and the ball with a plate and the whole point is for them to get the plate into the other teams dishwasher We would call it the dishwasher league.

  10. Fun fact : somehow, woman's player looks more beautiful than several fashion model. I wonder why they ended up playing soccer 😅

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