Amazing NFL Debut! Madden 24 Superstar Mode

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  1. The mini games are a welcome addition but there’s no depth with them. Same meaningless drills for small upgrades are going to be old in a week. They feel like the most basic thing they can possibly do to replace pressing a button to magically make upgrades like in the past. It’s basically the same thing. You’d think after all these years they could get creative and make something that’s challenging and unique. Maybe it can evolve as your career goes on.

  2. Your first comment about Henry not being a receiving option made me laugh….. 3 of his longest touchdowns have been off reception. Granted he has the tendency to bust a lot of long touchdowns.

  3. dude next time you see deandre hopkins against 1 on 1 press coverage you should just throw it up to him because the receiver always beats the DB its always an easy touchdown and it really hurts to see you miss these big chances

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