I Played MADDEN 24 Superstar Mode Until I Beat It

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  1. damn, did they turn fumbles off or something??? i know that it happens way too often in ncaa 14 and the newer maddens, but this feels like a massive overcorrection. a 5'9" QB who runs that often should be fumbling a lot more lmao

  2. Why EA removed the option to choose your own voice and then give stupid nicknames vs saying your actual name is beyond me. Honestly kind of ruins the "realism" for me.

  3. Scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and have yet to see anyone call out EA. I would point out what’s going on here, but I think the sheer obviousness combined with the fact I am in Fan Boy City would cause my brain to eject from my skull.

    Enjoy this years game, guys! You all deserve it!

  4. Why are they only allowing you the same 5 positions from last year? For career mode I mean. yes it might not be as fun to play as a punter, but I liked having the option in years past.

    Remember the performance institute? The agents that you could hire and fire on a whim? Real personality changes and consequences? The interviews? The phone messages that weren't fuckn cringe?

    Modern Madden career modes have tried too hard to be a 2k impersonator with it's storyline. Yes it was simpler back in the days of superstar, but is that really a bad thing?

    I miss the apartments (or mansion) with the menus. How you could tell the media that your team is guaranteed to win the super bowl.

    What I'm saying is, while this career mode is better than Face of the Franchise, it's just Face of the Franchise with better mini-games.

    It's kind of sick to play on nostalgia like that. Calling it Superstar mode is an insult to that mode and the people who developed it.

    The problem is that making that mode today is almost impossible due to frostbite engine limitations. It was originally made to handle Cinematic FPS games, so it stands to reason that making something so simple is not possible. It's built to handle the storyline based career modes.

  5. The two questions you missed was actually one of the adding ones. You added a touchdown as 7 and not 6 like it is. Also Franco Harris is the Steelers running back that made the immaculate reception I believe

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