The Showboats of 2022/23 in Football

Vinicius Junior Rafael Leao Jeremy Doku Khvicha Kvaratskhelia Yannick Carrasco Passes Passing Highlights Goals Goal Skills …


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  1. Leao gotta be the most annoying player to face ever. Imagine him nutmegging you and he runs behind you with a shitgrin on his face .

  2. Vini jr is my idol and I learned a lot from him and I’m fast like he is and a good dribbler and I’m getting better at dribbling than I was before. Probably it’s just the Brazilian half in me 😅

  3. There is actually a difference between dribbling and showboating, although you can do both at the same time. This video is actually more about actual dribbling than showboating. To dribble is usually necessary in fact you are better player if you are a good dribbler, showboating is usually not necessary, overdoing it without actually dribbling can annoy everyone including ur teammates. Just hope man utd. Anthony will grow up.

  4. Leao is like 6’2 and built like a truck but can dribble and move like that. It’s crazy. Body of a hold up striker but skills and agility of a joga bonita winger. Crazy talent man.

  5. These players are not showboating. They are dribbling. There's a difference. Showboating is useless while dribbling is useful. These people are dribbling. They taking on players.

  6. No one,I mean really no one can argue that the dribbling of Vinicius Jr is just out of this world… And at the beginning of the video you can see how Vini is tearing apart the defenders of Barca and Atletico with such an easy way 😶🔥🔥

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