Every College Football Teams Most Iconic Play of All Time

A compilation every College Football team’s most iconic play of all time. This video includes one play for all 133 FBS College …


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  1. Time Stamp for Every Team:

    Air Force: 0:03
    Akron: 0:27
    Alabama: 0:43
    App State: 1:09
    Arizona: 1:38
    Arizona State: 1:58
    Arkansas: 2:21
    Arkansas State: 2:49
    Army: 3:15
    Auburn: 3:36
    Ball State: 4:17
    Baylor: 4:32
    Boise State: 4:53
    Boston College: 5:14
    Bowling Green: 5:39
    Buffalo: 5:55
    BYU: 6:20
    Cal: 6:43
    Central Michigan: 7:23
    Charlotte: 7:53
    Cincinnati: 8:11
    Clemson: 8:34
    Coastal Carolina: 9:04
    Colorado: 9:25
    Colorado State: 9:52
    Duke: 10:07
    East Carolina: 10:32
    Eastern Michigan: 10:57
    FAU: 11:15
    FIU: 11:33
    Florida: 11:52
    Florida State: 12:10
    Fresno State: 12:30
    Georgia: 12:46
    Georgia Southern: 13:20
    Georgia State: 13:42
    Georgia Tech: 14:02
    Hawaii: 14:45
    Houston: 15:06
    Illinois: 15:25
    Indiana: 15:43
    Iowa: 16:10
    Iowa State: 16:37
    Jacksonville State: 17:05
    James Madison: 17:30
    Kansas: 17:57
    Kansas State: 18:22
    Kent State: 18:46
    Kentucky: 19:05
    Liberty: 19:24
    Louisiana: 19:42
    Louisiana Monroe: 20:00
    Louisiana Tech: 20:18
    Louisville: 20:43
    LSU: 21:06
    Marshall: 21:42
    Maryland: 22:06
    Memphis: 22:29
    Miami: 23:00
    Miami (Ohio): 23:33
    Michigan: 24:05
    Michigan State: 24:35
    Middle Tennessee State: 25:06
    Minnesota: 25:34
    Mississippi State: 25:55
    Missouri: 26:14
    Navy: 26:33
    NC State: 26:53
    Nebraska: 27:12
    Nevada: 27:39
    New Mexico: 28:02
    New Mexico State: 28:27
    North Carolina: 28:53
    North Texas: 29:23
    Northern Illinois: 29:56
    Northwestern: 30:27
    Notre Dame: 30:46
    Ohio: 31:05
    Ohio State: 31:27
    Oklahoma: 31:51
    Oklahoma State: 32:11
    Old Dominion: 32:43
    Ole Miss: 33:11
    Oregon: 33:44
    Oregon State: 34:10
    Penn State: 34:29
    Pitt: 34:47
    Purdue: 35:13
    Rice: 35:34
    Rutgers: 35:56
    Sam Houston State: 36:09
    San Diego State: 36:23
    San Jose State: 36:48
    SMU: 37:03
    South Alabama: 37:31
    South Carolina: 37:46
    Southern Miss: 38:10
    South Florida: 38:36
    Stanford: 38:57
    Syracuse: 39:16
    TCU: 39:43
    Temple: 40:03
    Tennessee: 40:19
    Texas: 40:38
    Texas A&M: 41:03
    Texas State: 41:26
    Texas Tech: 41:44
    Toledo: 42:10
    Troy: 42:26
    Tulane: 42:53
    Tulsa: 43:19
    UAB: 43:49
    UCF: 44:09
    UCLA: 44:42
    UConn: 45:05
    Umass: 45:27
    UNLV: 45:42
    USC: 46:03
    Utah: 46:22
    Utah State: 46:39
    UTEP: 47:05
    UTSA: 47:32
    Vanderbilt: 47:54
    Virginia: 48:19
    Virginia Tech: 48:41
    Wake Forest: 49:06
    Washington: 49:29
    Washington State: 49:51
    Western Kentucky: 50:14
    Western Michigan: 50:29
    West Virginia: 50:51
    Wisconsin: 51:12
    Wyoming: 51:35

    Let me know if I made an error on any of the time stamps!
    Also, I decided to include Jacksonville State and Sam Houston State since they are joining the FBS in 2023.

  2. I submit for Alabama the 4th down goal line stand in the 1979 Sugar Bowl against Penn State. Still, the Devontae Smith OT catch was also a phenomenal play. Just keeping that power running monster PSU out of the end zone from a foot away is epic.

  3. Man, as iconic as "84 Yards Through the Heart of the South" was, I'm tempting to think "Holy Buckeye" might have felt more meaningful to Ohio State fans since it announced the Buckeyes were back on the big stage.

  4. Who said Stanford students are smart? Still love watching that play.

    I always wondered what the hell would the refs have done if a Stanford band member tripped up or actually tackled the Cal ball carrier #26 short of the end zone? Do they throw a flag on Stanford and re-do the kickoff, award Cal the TD anyway, or let the band trip/tackle play stand?

  5. my BIG FOUR surprises:
    Adrian Peterson's run and STIFF ARM
    Vanderbilt punter TD
    Connecticut OT win in South Bend
    Bledsoe's BOMB in the snowfall over rival Huskies

  6. Kick Six is probably the GOAT play in CFB. What makes the win even sweeter is that after the previous play, the end of regulation time was called with the score at 28-28. Fans were ready for the game to go to overtime. But Nick Saban challenged the time call. The ruling was reversed. One second was added to the clock. Saban wanted to kick it in. And the rest is history.

  7. Nice job on the video — most of the time when the team's video began, I said "Yes! That was the one!" But two plays deserve honorable mentions:
    (1) Nebraska – Tommie Frazier's run against Florida in the 1995 Fiesta Bowl
    (2) Boston College – David Gordon's FG with 5 seconds left to defeat #1 Notre Dame in 1995 in a game remembered as "The Holy War". BC pulled out to a big lead, but energized by their home fans, the "Fighting" Irish lived up to their name and scored a TD with 1:05 left to take a 1-pt lead. That set off a premature celebration, only to have BC move into FG range and win it on Gordon's kick — with all due respect to Flutie, that was one of the most thrilling games I've ever seen.

  8. The Cincinnati game, I'm an alum and had tickets, and I was born in Pittsburgh. I was in a really bad car accident about 3 days before and was unable to fly up. To this day, I really wish I'd made that game.

    That said, I think the 1999 UC – Wisconsin Ron Dayne fumble tops this. That's the exact moment UC football started its upswing

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