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  1. I don’t think Diggs belongs on the S tier if Adams is on the A tier.
    Yeah Beasley & Sanders are gone.
    But Gabriel Davis will get more targets & they added Jamison Crowder & don’t forget Dawson Knox.
    Also added O.J. Howard.

  2. Mason! I don't always agree with you but this time next year Juju is gonna be a top 12 receiver. At least a top 15. Did you know he's 5 months younger than Diontae Johnson?? I've gone out of my way to trade for Juju in every league this year. 10 dollar leagues, 50, 100's and even a 250 dollar league! There's always a guy that shows up and surprises people every year and all signs point to those players being Juju and Joe Mixon! Go out and get these 2 guys immediately!!! You won't regret it!

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