AMERICAN FOOTBALL VS. EUROPEAN FOOTBALL (We Went to the Biggest Rivalry Games)

We flew to Spain to answer this question: American Football vs. European “Soccer” – which is better?! We found out by going to …


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  1. the main difference is that in ''real'' football, there are little to none luxury and entertainment as they focus only on the game. So you wont find marching bands, cheerleaders and many other things in it and people even hate unnecessary performances before the game.

  2. NfL is boring because there is no promotion and relegations. It's always the same old boring 32 teams playing it out very monotonous. Football has a lot more variety and every league and major tournament have new teams competing in them each season. So REAL FOOTBALL soccer rules.

  3. How the Hell do you manage to make a sport that is supposed to last 60 minutes, so boring, it lasts for at least 3 hours, where everyone is wearing the same colour, stand and place their hand on their heart, high five the arrival of the match ball, where very, very few, away team supporters are present, and turn it into an entertainment with a B-B-Q cooked by yourself and drink beers that you brought and kept cold with the ice you brought with you, in your Super Duty 6 wheel, "duly" Truck and park up in a space that you have paid for and sit and watch a multitude of other people all doing the same for hours before kick off, of a game you haven't got a ticket for and if you had paid the price, you would then be made to stand around waiting while they go to another commercial, so that they can make more money off you!

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