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  1. Wow, madden doesn’t even understand football. Acting like the Chargers won’t be denied any pass is bonkers. I’m not saying this won’t be a difficult game, but it won’t look anything like this

  2. Just great watching Welker, of all people, blow it for the colts here, at that final punt return disaster! Manning must have just been furious there at the end. Jules, a growing star. Wes who? The chemistry between Jules and Tom soon becomes legendary. What a fool Welker was to leave, give up working with brady!

  3. Brady you Vets Weingand the mother fuckers with Ömer KESKEKCI long term cuz he owns the Kzackastan gold mines with himself and Spain King Charles parades lol to levy the 50 MLB 50 NFL TEAMS or Brady just contact Pitt he will call Zuckerberg then you find me and pick up my dad's CHECKBOOKS 40 and I'll buy it that way real estate Brady vets moves to draft kings verse Kings Draft OKLAHOMA talks nicee the states that don't have NFL teams sponsor them come on Brady then you play for the Browns Kings Draft lol dominate !

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