EA FC 24 Chelsea Ratings REVEALED | CHELSEA RATINGS ARE SHOCKING EA Sports FC 24 is coming out soon, thanks to …


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  1. Anyone else concerned about these enzo roomers. If we lose him we are finished. Think the fifa ratings in the last vid highlight just how poor this ownership is. 1 billion spent on kids who basically all do the same thing. I don’t understand how you can spend a billion without bringing in world class players

  2. These are wrong cards George sorry to say after you made a video but it’s confirmed Sterling is 85 & Nkunku is 87 not sure about everyone else but I know for a fact Sterling is not 83

  3. Looking at these cards is depressing BUT think of the age of these players. And like you said…we could pretty much say that these will be the lowest they will ever be on FIFA which is a nice thing to think about. Give it 2 season and a lot of these cards could be 84+

  4. I do not even bother that we have some ratings low, they are still rising stars, but I am annoyed by the imbalance, for example from LVP Jota and Gakpo did absolutely nothing + were also injured, but sterling -3 and nkunku who was best bundesliga shooter even with injuries zero upgrade. Gakpo staying for what? Jota for what? So If u wanted to stay gakpo and jota, lets get sterling just -1, and nkunku +1 lol

  5. Coke palmer is a joke. 66? For a guy who did play and score goals for city occasionally to be so much lower than a guy who got relegated with Southampton and someone who spent all last season in the championship? I know it’s only FIFA and it means nothing but still haha.

  6. Guys these ratings are made by video game people lmao. Generally Ecuadorean players get no love from FIFA. Antonio Valencia never got higher than 82 when he was POTS for MU. They give low rates for young players and keep pass their prime veterans high.

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