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  1. Shout out to Fanatical, this is my 3rd year working with them to secure you a massive pre-release discount on Football Manager. Save 22% Off Football Manager 2024 here: 🛒
    Whilst the trailer was lacking I was pleasantly suprised by todays reveal, new set pieces has been my dream for years so that in itself is huge! The first screenshot of the match engine looks like a step forward which considering the graphic engine change next year caught me off guard. What are you excited for?!

  2. Jack, I just looked it up and Japanese is definitely one of the supported languages on Steam so the Japanese J-League may be a thing. Here's hoping to make the Red Diamonds the "Lords of Asia"

  3. I wonder if we'll have Saudi Pro League this year. I know it's not extremely pleasant, but it would be realistic for Saudi to take a couple of top players for big money, at least a first couple seasons into the save.

  4. I REALLY hope they are able to introduce coding-style instructions in FM25, as in "if X, player does Y". The current instructions section is really limiting sometimes.

  5. I really want a big improvement between player and manager because it’s always been so bad with players getting upset at the slightest thing. Press conferences also need overhauling.

  6. It wont be but I would love if the FM console version was identical to the PC version – let me plug in a mouse and keyboard and have the full FM experience. I don't currently have a PC which can run the game, but I don't think I could bring myself to pay £30+ for a lite version.

  7. Don't know that I'll spend $50 for better set pieces, but I am interested to know what else is improved in '24? TBH while I've enjoyed '23, if I could go back a year I probably wouldn't have bought it if I knew what I know now. It's good. It's just not that much different from '22. So with the tease of big changes coming in '25, is there really a reason to buy '24? They have to really make significant changes to make it worthwhile.

  8. Honestly I love FM but will this one be worth buying? Obviously not seen all the new feature videos but so far looks almost identical to last year just a different colour. Especially with the big chances apparently coming in fm25, is this one a bit of. a waste or am I being too cynical?

  9. Positional play as a feature on the timeline & the way the trailer switched from (I think) a 4231 to a 2341 shape has me excited for a potential of an attacking & defensive shape so you can mimic how real managers are currently operating. If not, I didn't expect it to be done, so no huge loss. If it is in there, what a HUGE improvement that is.

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