My Preseason College Football Top 25 For 2023 – Winter Edition | College Football Predictions

THE LONG-AWAITED COLLEGE FOOTBALL TOP 25 HAS DROPPED! I am so excited to share this video with you all as it took …


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  1. I love the boldness of your predictions saying that OSU and Michigan will be #1 and #2 in the Playoff, however if Georgia goes 12-0 I can’t see a world where they aren’t ranked in the top 2

  2. This man just said notre dame coaching staff is the problem. Then said we have a weakness at LB. When we’re stacked at LB, probably one of our most stacked positions rn. And our coaching staff was A1 bro. Al golden is a proven college coach, and our coaching staff was literally being plucked by nfl teams lol. Our wide out coach and RB coach are going to be head coaches or in the nfl soon. Hearing that makes me think this guy doesn’t do his homework

  3. Can’t believe I missed this one! But brooooo 16 for TN? I feel like we are a little sold short! Looking forward to your uploads this year

  4. College football is the one sport that hasn't drastically is a 3pt shooting contest,baseball is homerun contest.although many teams run a nfl offense ,you still have running teams.its fun to see army or navy playing a pass happy team.

  5. I think we will reach the playoffs this year!!!! And, get your facts straight, we travel to Ohio State, but have Michigan at home in Happy Valley in November!!!!!! You don't even know the schedule 🙄!!! Unbelievable

  6. I give you the thumbs up for effort and I’m not going to criticize your rankings but I don’t understand how your win/loss predictions correlate with the rankings. How is SC #10 at 11-1 two spots lower than FSU at 10-2 with a considerable weaker schedule? Or Georgia 12-0 in the SEC lower than UM or Ohio St? Purely mathematically speaking it doesn’t make sense. This is just a question, not a criticism, again I give you A for effort

  7. Great job in your research and rankings…up until the top 10. Bama at 6? Bulldogs at 3? Ohio state getting beat by UM in 3peat ? And the funniest of all, Michigan to win the Natty ?? Sam you were doing great until you let your heart take over your rankings. Sorry but UM is not going to the show with 2 losses.

  8. If I may critique your hours of work in a few minutes,,,,I feel uneasy about first year starter quarterbacks getting A+ ratings in the same rating that say Washington would get,

    Also no way OSU gets to the playoff if they lose to Mich again. Bama would have beaten Tennessee and Texas and LSU with one lost, they would most likely get in ahead of OSU

  9. Hey Sam, great video but I have one point I may disagree with you on. With Steele and Eichenburg both returning along with CJ Hicks as a Backup i think Ohio State has a better linebacker room than Michigan this season.

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