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  1. My schedule predictions as a Buckeye fan:

    Week one, on the road v Indiana: win, 56-3

    Week two, at home vs Youngstown State: win, 69-7

    Week three: at home vs Western Kentucky:.win, 77-20.

    Week four: on the road vs Notre Dame: win, 40-33.

    Week five: bye

    Week six: at home vs Maryland:, win, 49-10.

    Week seven, on the road vs Purdue: win, 50-9

    Week eight, at home vs Penn State: win, 40-35.

    Week nine, on the road vs Wisconsin: win, 42-39 on a game winning field goal.

    Week ten, on the road vs Rutgers: win, 69-7.

    Week eleven, vs Michigan State at home: win, 50-10.

    Week twelve, vs Minnesota at home: win, 49-7.

    Week thirteen, on the road vs Michigan: win, 45-42 on a game winning touchdown pass.

    Predicted record: 12-0.

    Projected record: 11-1

    Make CFP: yes.

  2. this team has so much coming back and you can't use "new qb" as an argument when ryan day's had a heisman finalist qb every year of coaching except the 2020 covid year lol

  3. @ND

    @ Purdue

    Vs PSU

    @ Wisconsin


    Those are the 5 games that are going to be tough for Ohio State. The other 7 they will win comfortably

    The Purdue game is a trap game ( weekend before Penn St ) and it should be a primetime game

    Wisconsin game is also a trap game ( week after Penn St game) and it will be a primetime game

    The Penn St game is going to close. Ohio State won last year because JT completely took over the game. If he didn’t have that type of performance- they probably would have lost. But it being at home helps the Buckeyes

    Notre Dame will be a primetime game. Notre Dame always plays much better at home at night. They have beaten or came close to beating several good teams over the years there ( Georgia, Clemson, Michigan, Oklahoma, USC)

    Then the Michigan game is going to be INTENSE. Michigan at home ( will be Sr day for a lot of key players) Michigan has OSUs number- but OSU will likely be the underdog for the first time since 2003

    My prediction- 11-1

  4. Ohio state has a ton coming back at every position but QB and O line, I don’t think anyone should worry about the QB position under Ryan day. And o line may be a concern but the two guys coming back are both great players, and we have guys capable of stepping up at gaurd. Michigan is obviously the biggest threat because they have beat us and literally return everyone.

  5. Tough schedule for Ohio State as they have to go to South Bend to face Notre Dame, and a few tough conference games: at Purdue, Penn State, at Wisconsin, at Michigan… If QB and defense improve this season, I can see Ohio State being 10-2 or 11-1…

  6. Ohio state has a pretty tough schedule however I still think they will at least go 11-1. Michigan and Penn State have both gotten better + Wisconsin could be much improved from last year but Ohio State is still Ohio State. I also think they will be ready for Notre Dame again.

  7. Unpopular opinion: 8-4. Losses to Notre Dame, Penn State, Wisconsin, Michigan. I just wouldn't trust a new QB in year 1, especially in road games. Sorry Buckeyes, you'll get your chance again but I doubt it will be this year.

  8. can’t really say (likely McCord) is a “new qb” when he’s been in the system for a couple years, has developed behind CJ Stroud, and has gotten play time in blowouts. he’s more experienced than you think

  9. People saying this is a tough schedule is a joke. Michigan is it. Thats it. Seriously??? ND the most over rated team year after year being the next toughest. Joke. You should go undefeated or one loss at worst.

  10. I think 10-2, 11-1 or 12-0 are all about each as likely as the next. If you knew the future and told me their record was any of those, I'd not be surprised. It all really depends on how well the new QB does; you can't take advantage of Harrison if you can't get him the ball. And CJ was so damn accurate he made catches for their WRs easier and hitting them in stride gave them so much YAC yardage. It's the seemingly little things like that which determine if a t am goes undefeated or slips up once or twice against other good teams. The margins without an elite QB like Stroud become much much narrower. Especially considering Day's offense requires elite QB play to reach it's potential.

  11. I think 10-2 is a little ridiculous with what Ohio state has coming back. I would put money on 11-1, maybe even if Ohio state is the underdog to Michigan in Michigan I might even go 12-0. However I’ll go 11-1 and still goes with Michigan to the playoffs again.

  12. Come on, Penn State should be in the 61-70% range. We have that at home. And Maryland, Rutgers, Michigan State, and Minnesota should all be in the >80% range. All those are also at home with the exception of MSU, but we still should handle them easily.

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