8+ In Training Results! | Kentucky 5-Year Rebuild | NCAA Football 14 (24/126)

STREAMS ARE ON □Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/perramcrowe Always loved rebuilding teams but in 2019 we push the limits.


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  1. •Total bowl games: 85
    •Bowl game record: 55-30 (64.7%)^

    •Total National Championships: 6
    •National Championship record: 5-1 (83.3%)
    •Nation Championship Teams: UTSA (W), Air Force(L), Miami(OH) (W), Oregon State (W), Ohio State (W) (W)

    •Total Season Games: 1,478
    •Total Season record (not including bowl games): 959-519 (64.9%)v

    •Finished the simulation ranked: 18^

    •Heisman winners: 8

    •Times fired: 4^

    •Sign #1 class: 2

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