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  1. @ckj456 Im pretty sure in the past Nebraska, Texas(hate them but still), and Oklahoma have been way better than just about anybody. Big 12 at least used to be the shit. Now they still got those teams who are pretty good (still hate Texas though). I mean look at Oklahoma this year. Too bad the Huskers are in the B1G now otherwise I would mention them too.

  2. @Crabitat What did Iowa State accomplish last season? Another losing year and no bowl game! Congrats on being a fan of a consistently pathetic losing football program! Come back when Iowa State actually plays in a BCS bowl game!

  3. Appalachian State vs Michigan Wolverines, that final block of the kick to win the game. Come on, I'm from Australia and I know the best play, also Cal Bears and Stanford, the play.

  4. Even the Iowa State fans knew the Cyclones didn't beat the Huskers. The Huskers beat themselves. Iowa State came away with the win but it was all luck! And Iowa State still can't win anything. What a joke for a football program!

  5. @xCHAOSxELITEx The last time Iowa and Nebraska met was 2000. Nebraska won 42-13. The year before that in '99 Nebraska won yet again 42-7. Don't talk crap until Iowa actually plays them and beats them.

  6. two plays that shoulda been on there….michigans kick return against notre dame….and michigans tate forcier qb long run against notre dame……and yes i am a michigan fan, lets go big blue

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