Madden 24 Vs All Pro Football 2k8; EA Dev Makes Unreal Claim



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  1. That was the last great football game by 2K I was glad to see the shirt movement in 2008 madden didn’t get that until like 6 years later but they had it in fifa tho 💀

  2. I was too young to play ESPN NFL back in the day, plus I didn't really know about Football. Seeing how freaking deep the 2k generation was makes me wonder when exactly companies realized that they could replace actual content with microtransactions.

  3. With the reviews coming out about NBA 2K24 I think its lunacy to champion 2K as a savior of simulation football. At this point its a lesser of 2 evils just like politics. Based on what im seeing from 2K, id rather EA control the NFL license

  4. I hate how ea cant fix what we want fixed but came through with a patch fixing small issues from old titles. That right there showed this game was basically ported over with minimal tweaks. And yall paid 70 for it got scammed frfr. Its not even about shitting on ea anymore they know their license is up in smoke they’re playing it like Activision…. They know its coming to an end bc fans are tired so what they do?? Make a money grab experiment of a game and call it “brand new” and “premium” lol its actually a scam this year thats sad

  5. I played Madden 24 this weekend because it was free to play (which is telling for a game that’s a month old) for NFL kickoff. I’ll say in a couple of games the gameplay seemed better than the last 2 games and maybe I got lucky but I didn’t see anything egregious happen in my time with the game. I actually saws some new and more realistic collision animations that reminded me of when they put the infinity engine in last gen. But I said that to say I played NFL 2k5 last night and while I had fun with that game, and I think it was ahead of madden at its time and for maybe a decade later, there was a ton of jank and bad animations and programming logic in those games too. And for as great as it was it’s still a ps2 game with the limitations of that era, and even with Maddens issues, playing a game that has only 8 directions of player movement is really rough compared to any game that 3d game that we have now.

  6. Thats 1 thing I love about 2k8, attention to detail on the sidelines, cheerleaders and BETTER HALFTIME….madden on had 2 instant replays for halftime while 2k8 had like 7 replays at halftime

  7. Well they sure made sure this game wasn't available on Xbox. Playstore …EA made sure to eliminate the closest competition.. so I .bought the disc game and put it in my xbox 1 and NOPE wouldn't play 😡….so I just ordered a ps3 and 2k8 just to get my fix and not buy madden.

  8. Madden has a huge problem with the placement of the football in players hands. The football phases in and out of hands, the football becomes a players hand, players hold the football like it’s taped to the back of their hands, the football teleports between hands, players can stiff arm with the football, players can use air bending to bring footballs in for a catch. Shit is ridiculous.

  9. The really remarkable thing about that quote from Clint is the implication that there’s any line blurring at all! From what I’ve seen of your clips, there doesn’t seem to be a way you could ever mistake Madden footage for NFL footage.

  10. I don’t mind post play Animations and movement because it brings more realism to the game but the warping animations during game play are terrible. Running forms could be more realistic and different based on weight n body types idk I’m just not overall impressed with madden I’ve accepted the truth already. Until ppl stop buying the game and hit ‘em wear it really hurts there aint gone be a change.

  11. Instead of constantly bitching and crying about Clint and EA, why don’t you come up with some solutions? Do you know how to fix the programming? Can you do it better? Let us know, I’m excited for your new job prospect. I’m sure EA would love to get you onboard and used your programming wizardry!!

  12. Try a video showing speed onside kicks. Did one yesterday and the ball went through the receiving team and was there for the taking, but my recovery team ran towards the receiver who went into an animation and missed the ball. They didn’t start running towards the ball until the receiving team started to, and obviously they got there first

  13. I feel like a class action lawsuit should be possible. How can one company have a monopoly, excuse me, exclusive rights, and put out a garbage product? Not only is the simulation shit, but if you get past that and still try to enjoy it, there's a possibility of corrupt data that deletes all your saved franchises. I maybe play Madden for 20-40 hours a year. I try to run a franchise during NFL season to occupy myself while watching games on Sundays, but it gets so infuriating that I don't remember last time I completed a full season. Admittedly haven't payed full price since '09.

  14. If your team is bad what happens people stop going to games and the coach gets fired right so with that being said we need to stand in front of the NFL head quarter with signs saying we want the license open for other companies to be able to make NFL games

  15. When you hate the capitalism of a game franchise but don’t wanna call it out cause you’ll be called a libtard marxis 😂😂nothing is going to change if we keep giving them attention anything good or bad 🤷🏾‍♂️ I’m just being real any publicly is just more attention and more profit in their wallets while they laugh as we complain

  16. Please do one on franchise mode and how messed up draft classes are. All generated players come out the same size and you can edit them, their physique sliders and weights change nothing. A 6’5 330lb lineman looks like a 5’10 190lb DB

  17. It’s astonishing to me that after almost a decade of working with the Frostbite engine that EA still can’t figure out how to get players to move and interact without sliding and warping all over. They’re like trains on an invisible pre-determined track.

    Contrast that with the 2K products from almost 20 years ago getting fluid and realistic results from far lesser software and hardware that they only had worked with for a mere dev cycle or two.

    So either EA is completely incompetent, or just flat out does not give a damn. Given the meathead that’s producing the game, I’d say it’s a bit of both.

    Great video 🏆

  18. The bottom line is that it's easy to win a fight when there is no opponent to fight against…..Madden won't get better because they are the only NFL game on the market and doesn't have any competition to push them to get better….it's a shame.

  19. i got the free trial for the weekend and the game is honestly terrible lmao. Only positive is if it’s anything like the past 3 years I’ll be able to play the game for the rest of the year for free

  20. Not gonna lie I wish 2k would just make All Pro Football 2k24 I'll take that until the exclusive license is no more. It's been years and I really miss playing a quality football game that relies on actual football logic and not head scratching animations and lack of football knowledge. Like knowing actual X's and O's mean absolutely nothing in Madden and it's sickening.

  21. Its crazy how its 2023 and they still cant get running to look realistic in a freaking football game, how does running in fighting games look better than a sports game😂, other games on ps5 put madden to shame

  22. There's clearly a reason why Clint never made it off the practice squad and onto a 52 man roster.

    He never raised the bar for himself to be where everyone else was. He settled for just being there and having the experience, which I guess is fine for some. Big surprise that all these years later, we got this dude incapable of raising the bar for the only game with the NFL license , failing miserably to at least replicate the NFL experience on the simplest level possible.

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