Eagles vs. Vikings Week 2 Recap | Football 24/7 w/ John McMullen & Tone DeShields

Philadelphia Eagles: John McMullen & Tone DeShields recap Eagles vs. Vikings in week 2, questions & concerns, injury updates, …


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  1. It’s two things. 1) belichick gave the blueprint on how to play hurts the same as the bears last yr. 2) Jalen can’t read defense well. Always been his problem, but I think once he gets settled and they get some cohesion I think this offense will be better then last year. He has too many weapons they need to use swift as a hot route some times to bail Jalen out. Bcuz they disguise the blitz through the LBs and safety and then drop back fast and take away the pass while he thinks it a blitz or he scrambles and they take away the lane

  2. Minnesota played the most aggressive prevent take Defense ever!

    They seem to blitz a lot at the same time they never committed to stopping the run at all and didn’t wanna get hit by the big play … or at least played the pass game almost exclusively on defense

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