FM24 RELEASE DATE! Transfers & Set Pieces Overhaul in Football Manager 2024

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  1. Us hard core fans will buy it anyways no matter what. But i hope they have done something to those set pieces. If next yr is such a massive step forward u would think we would see somethings this yr aswell. Be alot yo put it all in next yr. So maybe we will see the start of the massive overhaul. Time will tell. Stay safe 👊. Post your full streams please. O ly Zealand who does it. The rest of u dont.

  2. I think they should have prices this even lower given how fm23 seems like it was just the beta to this (although there's not been a lot of change for years), or maybe actually do a DLC data update for fm23… But as usual despite all the moaning I'll end up buying it (like most of us PC guys do). Perhaps in FM25 we could have a mode to turn off the "extra stuff" and just play matches (more like touch a few years ago). If you could have No media even better lol, just the games and transfers, like the old game for when you just wanna blast through some games and have fun. Then the other mode could be when you have all day to play 4 matches lol

  3. It's crazy that I really couldn't get into FM23, burnout from 22 I suppose. But right now I've played like 70 hours in the last 2 weeks haha. Obsessed with my current save and finally trying to get the CL win after losing 2 finals in a row.

    I hope it feels fresh so I don't have that winter FM break – which is really when you should be the most into it!!!

  4. Set pieces will be a big improvement. I'd really like to see separate shapes for in possession & out of possession like we see in many modern tactics e.g. a 4-2-3-1 that drops to a 4-4-2 when defending. Maybe in the overhaul next year…

  5. Shown somewhere else that mobile is apparently exclusive to Netflix games, which would explain lack of apple arcade and Google play listed.

    Says also on that screen that it is only available on ps5 to ps plus subscribers. I saw it say elsewhere that it is only game pass for pc, so might not be in the xbox or cloud games pass.

  6. no way they discontinued their partnership with Apple Arcade, FM23 Touch was actually fun while playing on an iPad smh 🤦‍♂️ and the mobile version is linked with Netflix now? nah they doing us iPad and mobile users bad

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