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  1. It’s impossible to shut anyone out in this game even too 10 players still give up 30 or 40 in. A game only way you shut someone out is if they a beginner or you gotta know every play in the playbook someone is gonen run

  2. I think you also can't discount that some people have a natural feel for certain games and not for others. I love NCAA, but I tend to be average at them no matter how much time I put in. There are other games where I'm world class within a month of playing.

  3. I found that a cover 1 Lb spy is pretty effective. the defense in the game is a bit…difficult to say the least, but the cover 1 LB spy seems to get more defensive stops against AI than many other schemes.

  4. A couple of tips for all y'all NCAA 14 playuhs:

    1. When you're passing out of shotgun and the cornerback on your outside receiver is 10 or so yards off, set at 45 degrees inside (I think it's cover 3, not sure), hot route that receiver to a curl and pass to him. If the corner is in that stance pre-snap, he will kind of fade away from it and not cover it very well, and it will work like a charm every time. Always check cornerback initial stance on offense.

    2. TRUST THE RUN. I play against my cousin, and he is hard to beat, but I found the solution. I would pass about 75% of the time, and his pass defense was solid. At one point I trailed 35-0. I came back to 28-35 (that's when the game ended), but all but 5 plays I ran were runs the whole time. The best part is he would expect a pass but he would get a run, over and over again. Running has a lot of power. An interception, an incompletion or a sack are pretty prevalent, and unless you really know what you and your opponent are doing, I would just stick to a run. I also really like options, specifically read options.

    3. Try not to blitz too much. It's a bit more of an aggressive move, and unless you zone blitz more than man blitz (which I doubt), man-to-man isn't the best thing to rely on 24/7, especially if your opponent likes quick passes like slants. Stick to general coverages about 80% of the time (if he's a passer), preferably 2 man under (with a press adjustment) or cover 1. Also not blitzing will stop any screen. Make sure you select a defensive man to cover the RB if a screen is inevitable.

    4. Look at the other player's receiving stats (Pause>Game stats>individual stats>Receiving w/ trigger), and if the numbers show he has a favorite, use a backer who would normally blitz to double-cover him.

    5. Initial position. Most overlook the importance of the defensive formation they choose, but question why their opponent can constantly get passes over the middle. I invite you to look at the formation. If the free safety isn't in the spot to "rob," he can't. If he passes outside, pick a formation where most of the defense is on a certain side. It's not totally about the play, formation has part in it, too. Also, "nickel-and-dime" your pass-heavy offenses.

    6. Draws never work. Ever. Never have I seen a successful draw run by my opponent. If you're going to waste time faking a pass first, just hand it off and you'll have more time to get past the defense.

    7. Try not to be "acceleration burst" happy. Use it sparingly, because more energy means more broken tackles, better jukes and hurdles, and a better run. I suggest using it in open space.

    That's all I've got.

  5. Love your video! I'm an avid committed player who loves NCAA14! I always play cover three so looking at it from this point of view is awesome. Remember the best QB pressure is the untouched. Love what you have here keep it coming
    Go Buckeyes!

  6. Yeah, your defense works when it comes to getting pressure on the outside…. But I personally use the Power-I (Stanford offense) and I would simply gash your defense up the middle.

    Really, your defense only works on teams that pass from the shotgun, and even then, a well-timed screen or slant would go for big yards.

  7. You can't defend the end zone in this game consistently period; your best bet us to play soft coverage, make tackles and hope your opponent makes a mistake. Once in a while you may have to blitz but man to man D is weird on nc2a so I zone blitz alot

  8. I have been playing NCAA since it came out the first year. I've never had a problem until now. Everytime I bring up my linebackers to the line of scrimmage, the computer drops them back to their original position. This is trash. Im sure they've done this to assist those who circle through the players and put them out of position, but its nonsense. Every good defense brings linebackers to the line of scrimmage virtually every play. At first I thought it might be something I could adjust in settings, but I find no setting for it. I want to walk up my players to the line of scrimmage and have them stay there. This is the first year they've had this garbage. Anyone have any suggestions?

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