🐺🐶 Let’s Play FM17 – The Journeyman EP24 – New Season, New Team? – Football Manager 2017

Football Manager 2017 European Journeyman EP24 – its new season time and possibly a new team!. find out in this episode of …


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  1. Which was the Swedish team, just wonder, since I am Swedish. Highest tier – Swedish Premier is offical know as Allsvenskan, tier under is called Superettan, and then it is Division 1 – Norra (North) and Södra (South). I hope you will manage in Sweden sometimes…

  2. Following the Aaron Lemon interview I was wondering how long it would take you to move to the Netherlands! Nicely done on leaving Karlovo in good stead, too. I think that has been the most impressive part of this save so far.

  3. 'Harry Owen, the Levski Karlovo striker, was distraught today when news of the departure of Loki Doki appeared on local media in Karlovo. "He has gone and left me!!!" he cried out, as tears began to fall which quickly turned into slobbering, much like a dog. ""He told me if he was going to leave that he'd take me with him!!! I hate him!!!" Not long after Owen's rant appeared in a video online, the interim manager of Karlovo made the decision to put Owen in the reserves, citing, "We can't have this in the first team." When questioned whether it was because of the emotional outburst, the interim manager replied, "No, because he's shit."

    "Breaking news! VVV Venlo has made the dodgy decision to appoint former Cardiff Met and Levski Karlovo manager Loki Doki as their new manager. It's believed the first piece of transfer business that Doki will handle will be the lowest bid in Eridivisie history for his former striker, Harry Owen. Upon hearing this, Owen reportedly let out a high pitched squeak of excitement and rushed to his room to pack some bags. We're not quite sure how Doki plans to use Owen in such a competitive league, seeing as Owen scored just a single goal in the Bulgarian second league. A member of the VVV fanclub commented, "We think the relationship between Doki and Owen transcends the game. We don't feel Owen will get a start at the club, but should be rather good leaping over the fence and throwing the ball to the fullbacks."

  4. Congrats! Sub from Belgrade, Serbia. Watched all from first till this episode. Yeah, I had a marathon and I loved it. Buying home, car, moving Owen everywhere you go gives a nice touch to this story. Love how you give nicknames to players, love how you call them…It's funny as hell. Don't forget our beloved, one and only, fresh and strong, Aron Lemon. Check him out from time to time, or even better, bring him, and make him your roommate :).
    I also like the idea, that, Harry "The myth-The legend" Owen, could become part of your stuff one day. Let's just hope he will be able to teach players how to improve their first touch!

    Btw, I'm 6,934 sub…and You are not so far from 7.000! BRAVO mate!

    About your move to VVV. It was a good move. Let's face it. If you stayed at Levski Karlovo after promotion, you would try to avoid relegation, maybe you even win UEFA Europa League qual. meanwhile at same season. All that would just encourage to stay for another year so you try winning Bulgarian First Division, and then…Well, you would get more ideas how to improve your club as well as your life standard, and I think everything would lose sense since this is Journeyman story. I like the idea of staying with one club, developing it your own way and becoming a legend of it. But, I also think you should maybe make some sort of rule, like staying in one club for not more than 2-3, ooooookaaaay, 4. seasons at top, in order keep Journeyman title. Otherwise, this would become Alex Ferguson's story. And Alex's story involves Rooney…..oh, yes, and Marouane Fellaini! and You DO NOT LOVE ANY of them at all you, you, youuuuuu, youllllll neeeeeeever waaaaaalk aaaaaaaalooooooooone, mate!

    Cheres, and lots of hugs to cute little puppies 🙂

    p.s. you totally must go back to Cardiff, as you said, when you become World Class Manager 🙂

  5. Dude, haha, keep up the good work. I enjoy your channel a lot! Sad to see you leave Bulgaria, hope to see you back some day in charge of Levski Sofia 🙂 Great job with the name pronunciation, by the way.

    All the best. Cheers!

  6. Hey loki, i watched the First Episode of "The Journeyman" and instantly subscribed, the concept of your series is really cool. Can't wait to watch the next Episode!

    I played the football manager from EA for so many years and i might switch over to the Sega Manager now, do you think the difference is huge?

    Greetings from Germany!

  7. Subbed yesterday after watching all the episodes (have to do something when you've got the man flu) and really liking this series. Would have liked to see you try to keep your squad in Bulgaria in the premier league but VVV fun. As a dutchy i like your move. Going to be a tough season tho. VVV are pretty bad.

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