FIFA 24 | NEW CONFIRMED TRANSFERS & RUMOURS! 🤪🔥 ft. Balotelli, Lingard, Draxler… etc

FIFA 23 All New Confirmed Transfers & Rumours Summer 2023 – Football! ft. Balotelli, Lingard, Draxler! Balotelli to Adana …


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  1. Not even a week to go now! super excited for the game release. Already making some plans what team i'm gonna try to get first week but probably will need to get some coins for that any tips what palce will have coins for launch?

  2. Unfortunately, this summer was the end of an era. Many legends have retired. Handanovic, Buffon, Godin, Bale, Ozil, David Silva, Fabregas, Ibra, Pique. Many others slowly dynig. Ronaldo, Neymar, Suarez, Cavani, Hazard, Benzema. Messi in Argentina is still the best.

  3. I was repeatedly saying "NO!" to my computer after hearing Paul Pogba had been suspended.
    Can't you believe we wont see this legendary midfielder until he is 34??

  4. I don’t think Brighton would let Ferguson go for only 65 mil. Even double that might not be enough. Remember this is Brighton selling here and he’s probably the best wonderkid in england

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