How A 24 Year Old Nigerian Anchors Pro Football

How A 24-Year-Old Nigerian Anchors Pro Football is another episode of my Made in Africa series where I feature black …


About the author: Tayo Aina

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  1. This world has progressed so much in the last 40 years exponentially more than any other time in this world’s history anything is possible now this is only the start ❤ you family

  2. Am not a Nigerian but I truly love this girl. In few yrs time she will be a great 🌟 star. I wish to or someone close to her can help her with a facial scrub..I love her energy and the reality in her. One love 💕 Africa.

  3. This lady is a testament that your English can be good and yet, eloquent in your native language. I am often surprised when people tell me that they don't want their kids to get used to speaking their native language to avoid the corruption of their English language. What a short sighted opinion. For me, kids born to parents that are fluent in their native language but prevent their kids from learning their native language are doing those kids a disservice. A lot of my friends who are deficient in their command of Yoruba language wish they could speak the language fluently like me. Kudos to the lady for flying high. I wish her all the best in her career.

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