Review Epic SHEVCHENKO 102 Rate in eFootball 2024

In this video I’m going to Review Epic Shevchenko 102 Rate in eFootball 2024 with unbelievable Goals. Hope you enjoyed …


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  1. Hey bro big fan✌🏾
    Pls can u help me out in completing my E-coin so I can get that Messi pack I’m broke so I can’t buy coins, I currently have 700 coins been saving since this new update, I got 300 free after I logged in and bought match pass with it to get extra 200 from there and did some events and daily login for the extra 200. I would love to get Messi, hakimi, pedri, D Maria and keeper from that pack because I don’t have strong players in those position currently. I would be really happy if I could get some help with the🙏🏾🥹
    Much love from nigeria❤🇳🇬

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