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  1. RAC he’s not the best. I’d give that to Deebo Samuel. I don’t know if there’s many players in the league more dangerous after the catch then him. Dudes an elite running back who just happens to play wide receiver.

  2. Lol 93 route running?😂 he has no technical aspect to his route running. Watch his highlights, off the ball, watch how he gets separation. Literally just speed, picks or slants just to get him the ball. Then watch davante Adams. You’ll put hill at about a 40 after you watch Adams run routes

  3. Agreed. Hill roasted my Ravens with Waddle in the game last year. But I have 2 eyes and respect for true skill. I don't know who really believes he can't run a route well. I think having Olympic speed helps break away during a route and scares DBs into playing softer, but that doesn't change at least needing to be proficient at routes. See speed merchants like John Ross or Breshad Perriman (who my Ravens drafted) for examples of how just speed doesn't make you one of the best. Agility and quickness are very high in Hill as well. That side to side movement with the speed gets that RAC and makes Hill the walking 1 play TD he is. I don't care much for his podcasts or humbleness, but the man can ball.

  4. It is hilarious to me that people STILL think Tyreek is better than Jefferson. Tyreek came to the dolphins and they went 8-9. He did nothing to change anything. Justin and Kirk led the Vikings to a 13-4 season, they broke the receiving record, and JJ won OPOY. We all know who is better.

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