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  1. Do the numbers…. Not only are there only 1500 NFL jobs – but now consider how many jobs on rosters are open in any given year??? So – even if a high number like 10% of positions are open on all the teams, that's only 150 players every year that'll make the practice squad or even get a sniff…. Now look at ALL the graduating players from Division 1 teams – add the 2nd and 3rd year grads – NOW add the amazing talent that are on Division 2 or small colleges that don't get scouted…. Start to make sense? Only 30% of the CFL players are Canadian, usually O line and special teams – but from black quarterbacks in the 50's and 60's to white receivers and safeties that get overlooked in America become legends sometimes – guys like Tony Champion and others (Livingston State) who are never getting seen by NFL talent scouts and you start to see how much talent there is up here… NOW – make the field 20 yards longer and 20 yards wider with 35 yard deep end zones – NOW make it only 3 downs – NOW make them line up a yard off the ball on snap and THEN allow 2-3 men in motion before the snap and you see why it's it's own game that any true football fan will dig – and it's older than the NFL – WE be the OG dawg of pro football.

  2. What he’s saying is 100% true. Not just in football, but all sports and really just entertainment in general. There are way more talented individuals than there are spots. In addition to having loads of talent, you gotta be relentlessly persistent, tough, a good self-promoter and self advocate, thick-skinned, adaptable, knowledgeable in how to survive in the industry, and you gotta be a little bit lucky.

  3. The problem is yhe cfl is almost an afterthought for scouts. They spend all the time with colleges. It wouid make sense to scout them more because there are players that maybe just needed another year or two after college to break out. Much better than drafting kids that have no chance because they don't have the experience. Trey Lance wouid have been a prime candidate. Or maybe the nfl can draft a player but they can go okay the cfl for a year or so and develop. Just don't understand how the cfl and nfl stay so separate

  4. Tons of respect for this man and appreciate his respect for the CFL.
    It's a shame how many Canadians I've heard call the league a joke and say college football is way better. It's the 2nd best professional football league in the world next to the NHL. The kick return rules and wider field are awesome, I would love to see NFL teams play with some of the rules.

  5. Miss CJ. His antics were something to look forward to. Saw him on tv a few weeks ago playing professional Cornhole. Him and Terrel Owen's. Owen's plays a mean Cornhole game too. All these X- NFL players playing Cornhole now. Andre "Bad Moon" Rising.

  6. Canada and the US should start a joint 'Premier League' with the best teams and introduce a promotion/relegation system so the other teams in lower leagues have something to strive for.

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  8. That’s why you gotta have character work hard study be organized. You can’t be off your game in personal life or NFL life because you can be easily replaced. The only thing they can’t be replaced as a quarterback.

  9. Yea, when you only play against the top 0.1% or so of the players from North America, you think you're pretty good. And you are. But it turns out not a whole lot seperates the top 0.1% from the next 0.1%. Those guys are pretty damned good, too. I'd say the problem with the CFL is that only the top players make it 'rich'. where as if you can just make a practice squad in the NFL, you're making more bank than an 'average' CFL player. The rule differences between the two leagues really turn NFL fans off the Canadian game. It's a 2-down game, instead of a 3-down game, the field is about 10% longer/wider thanks to metric measurements. Taking a fair catch in the end zone gives the kicking team a single point. I'm Canadian, and don't know all the rule differences, and just can't get excited about the CFL. The towns that have teams, esp. out west treat it like a religion though. They have the 50k-60k-70k-80k stadiums to play in, but there's something about the TV presentation that just doesn't compare to the pure delivery of electricity that NFL broadcasts seem to do a much better job at.

    Props to the Ochocinco for showing the north league some respect.

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