Chelsea 0-0 Bournemouth | HIGHLIGHTS | Premier League 23/24

Matchday 5 – Watch highlights from Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Bournemouth at the Vitality Stadium. Subscribe to our channel here: …


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  1. Line Up


    Neto 1 (GK)
    M. Aarons 37
    I. Zabarnyi 27
    L. Kelly 5
    K. Milos 3
    L. Cook 4
    P. Billing 29
    M. Tavernier 16
    R. Christie 10
    D. Ouattara 11
    D. Solanke 9


    Robert Sanchez 1 (GK)
    M. Gusto 27
    A. Disasi 2
    Thiago Silva 6
    L. Colwill 26
    C. Gallagher 23
    C. Ugochukwu 16
    R. Sterling 7
    E. Fernandez 8
    M. Mudyrk 10
    N. Jackson 15

  2. Why are we afraid to try playing incisive passes through the middle? It always ends up going wide and there's seldom quality on the final ball.

    Sometimes passes through the middle get cut out but when they do go through they almost always allow for a shooting opportunity.

    We saw in this game when players are willing to gamble and try to string passes together through the middle it resulted in goalscoring opportunities. Jackson made multiple runs yet only Mudryk tried to find him.

  3. Mending chelsea beli pemain udah jadi aja tinggal asah taktik main. Daripada beli pemain muda mahal2, dijual lagi malah rugi kalo lihat mainnya kaya gini.

  4. Final passes are the reason why Chelsea suck.I do not get it how professional player can miss a 5 yard pass by that much like Gallagher or Palmer in goal position,every last pass is too fast ,too short too wide not a single ball goes normally .And conditions on this pitches are perfect that makes it even more sad..And then you watch KDB and he does a 40 yards pass like no problem you ask yourself what we paying ..Club should focus on buying a AMF who has best attribute passing…

  5. It's silvas position which gives some diffensive solidity but letting down as an attack.

    If mudryk had support as gusto was giving sterling we could have easily scored. The attack was concentrated on one flank which is easy to shut.

  6. How we've become a joke over the past couple of seasons is amazing. Liverpool beat this Bournemouth team with a man down, disgusting & disgraceful performance.

    We'll do well to finish in the top half of the table. Oh & of course, more models than actual footballers

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