Facing a TOP 5 TEAM in College Football Revamped Dynasty #24

Facing a TOP 5 TEAM in College Football Revamped Dynasty Remember to turn POST NOTIFICATIONS ON so you don’t miss …


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  1. I can tell you’re better than what you’re showing but I’m like you because I like the realistic feel more and it’s better to watch or they just might be that good but man come on

  2. Can you ever win nail biters I feel like sometimes you sale on purpose like blitz when you have a zone I think we would all like to see you beat Auburn this game I love this series still but man losing the close one’s hurt me 😂 ig bc I’m so invested and it’s my favorite series on YouTube

  3. You had the game at 46 seconds Harris across the middle 💯 that would have been a huge play down the middle then run the clock out and kick the field goal 🤷🏿‍♂️ victory dance otr against a top 5 team what a way to celebrate on the way back to Akron 😂👏🏿

  4. You always throw the ball too late, football is about timing routes and you throw interceptions cause you don't throw it on time. I'm obviously late cause I'm watching the series now, but just what I been seeing every game

  5. Another late L due to a turnover… I’m hurt 😞… JoJo and Moody feeling forgotten in the registration office filling out transfer paper work right now 😂

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