GLORY HUNTER FM20 | #24 | DEADLINE DAY CONFUSION?! | Football Manager 2020

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  1. I've been watching Ben for years now, never really comment, but as someone that always tries to negotiate EVERYTHING on fm, the way Ben does transfers really ticks me off 😂

  2. Nainggolan's wife has cancer, he secured the loan deal to Cagliari this season IRL so she can receive treatment in her home town and now you've just buggered him off to Norwich? You're a monster Ben.

  3. kinda feel like you overreacted by trying to get rid of Asamoah. Rotating Digne and Asamoah is much better than Asamoah and Dimarco. Plus Asamoah can play CM. I would’ve tried harder to bring in a striker

  4. Really disappointed with FM20 its the same old bollox really. Regurgitated shite. shit player animations and dynamics and over complicated game play and shit navigation.

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