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  1. The translation is incorrect – Did not said "sh*t" but mentions that Maguire is error-prone, therefore implying that he (maguire) is NOT good. I only have ONE problem with this. Very stereotypical of a macho Argentinean man, when the surrounding smells like shit, it was everyone's fart except his. Rojo have zero right to whinge because he is even worst than maguire. Just because you are cheaper, doesn't mean, you are less crap

  2. No one has scored more own goals than Maguire, not sure why he isn't in the Guinness Book of Records yet. He's snowed some beauties and some ugly ones but the opposition just don't thank him enough and he doesn't mind, he just loves putting the ball in his own net. He is simply of a different era & West Ham will never kick themselves but dance for not signing him this past window.

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