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  1. Steady contradicting yourself, there are no rules.. shut up you can only get a picture till like Gameweek 20. You’ve never won the game or been in top 1k.. stop the cap

  2. Criticism welcome but here’s my wildcard:



  3. Salah Captain for me this week. He’s been completely overlooked by 98% of the experts and at 25% owned is a huge differential. I know Andy has him at the back of his mind for a GW8 fixture swing but not having him for wolves away must be eating him a little bit! Good luck everyone may the FPL odds every be in your favour 🤞🏻

  4. What about Maddison or Udogie as captain? I’ve got both, along with Awoniyi Jackson Haaland, Foden Saka Sterling, Trippier Dias Sanchez. I don’t feel like this is a great week to captain Haaland with West Ham’s form and the fact that Haaland did amazing last week (making him less likely to do amazing again imo). I also feel my bases are covered for Man City by Foden and Dias, and I just don’t wanna overload on City. Right now I’m thinking Maddison is the shout to captain, but Udogie could be a HUGE differential to get me out of the millions 😂 Thoughts?

  5. Thanks for the great content as always. I also think it's worth mentioning with regards to the defenders, there will be far less clean sheets this season due to the extended amount of minutes added on to each game. There just will be far less. Consider bringing in defenders with attacking returns as opposed to just hoping for a clean sheet. Trent, Estupinan, Chilwell, James. I don't think clean sheets should be expected so much at all..

  6. Hi Andy thanks for your help so far I've been following you now for a few yrs , I've been playing FF since 2011 and for me I think the key is to get rid of players coming out of form and getting playing coming into form . V hard to predict but if your in first your ahead of the pack, most of us bring in the players after they have got the points. Maybe a weekly list of players in and out might help. Any thoughts ..?

  7. These videos can be tough to assess. If you have used your Wildcard then decisions need to be longer term. However if you have held your Wildcard for Rounds 9 or 10 then any decision should have a short term viewpoint. Considering Onana (Man U) out and Kaminski (Luton) in. And Gusto (Che) out and a Spurs Def in. Knowing I can transfer them all with the Wildcard in a few weeks.

  8. I have Saka / Mitoma / Foden / Maddison / Rashford. Would you sell Mitoma for Son ? Tempted to do it, but in the same time I can bring extra striker just in case if Foden/Alvarez misses out a game + I'm setup pretty good to do a bench boost early before Wildcard if I don't buy Son but upgrade my bench striker..

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